Worker Retraining FAQ

Who is eligible for Worker Retraining?

Worker Retraining students are workers who:
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Will attending training extend my unemployment benefits?

It is important to know that Worker Retraining only makes it easier to attend training while receiving unemployment benefits; it does not extend your benefits. Your unemployment benefits will still exhaust after the allotted time. Please see the WorkSource Office or for more information.

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How can I afford this training when I am unemployed?

All Worker Retraining students will be required to apply for financial aid. Veterans can also look into possible veteran's benefits.

If you are eligible, Worker Retraining can pay for tuition, fees, and required textbooks. The Clark College Worker Retraining office will determine your eligibility for these funds.

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How do I find out more about Worker Retraining?

For more information, contact the Worker Retraining Specialist at 360-992-2274 or visit the Eligibility Programs office in Gaiser Hall Room 127.

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