Helpful Financial Aid Web Sites

The following websites contain general information about college and additional financial aid information that may be beneficial to you.

Federal Student Aid: Provides tips on preparing for college and information on the types of federal financial aid grants and loans that are available. 

The Washington Student Achievement Council: Provides links to the 70 higher education institutions in Washington State.  You can also access information about state grants, scholarships, and the Washington State college savings plan.

Washington State Board For Community & Technical Colleges: Locate a GED Center, find a list of educational programs offered by Community and Technical Colleges in Washington State.  Review tuition rates and learn how to enroll in College.

SALT: Learn how to develop and manage a personal budget, selecting a financial institution, credit scores, and more.  Monitor your student loans, search for scholarships, and local employment opportunities.  Membership is free to all current and former Clark College students.

WashBoard: A free scholarship website that connects Washington State students with Washington scholarship providers.

Washington Financial Aid Association: Find FAFSA application priority filing deadlines for all higher education institutions in Washington State.  Obtain college web addresses and financial aid office email addresses