eLearning Financial Aid Information

Clark College's eLearning program provides learners worldwide with access to a variety of academic programs and resources in a sustainable, technology based learning environment.

To meet the Financial Aid needs of eLearning students the Financial Aid office at Clark College has established a site that will provide more information on Financial Aid procedures that may be different for eLearning students.

After you receive your Award letter:

Once your Financial Aid has been processed, you will receive an award letter showing the amount of funds that you have been awarded. Read your award letter and award letter insert(s) carefully in order to understand what happens next and to verify accuracy.


How can Adding/Dropping classes affect my Financial Aid?:

Talk to Financial Aid before you choose to change or drop credits, because it can affect your Financial Aid. Financial Aid recipients who are changing their credit load must contact the Office of Financial Aid, prior to making any changes, as this can affect your aid. One-on-one/personal advising/counseling from a Financial Aid representative is advised via phone or email.

Consortium Agreement:

This agreement states that Clark College, as the Home Institution, another eligible institution, as the Host Institution, and the participating student have worked to ensure that all parties have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities involved in a Consortium Agreement.

Since electronic submission of the Consortium Agreement form is currently not available; we recommend mailing, faxing to 360-992-2864, or delivering the signed and dated form to the Office of Financial Aid.