The Clark Debit Card is issued to all students who receive financial aid after completing their Clark College financial aid files. The debit card is sent by mail to the address on file at Clark College.

How do I activate my Clark Debit Card?
Visit www.clarkdebitcard.com to activate your card and select your refund preference. You have three options to choose from: the OneAccount, transfer to an existing bank account or have a check mailed. Each preference is easy to choose and confirmed to make sure there is no mistake.

Do I have to activate the Clark Debit Card?

The debit card must be activated in order to select your refund preference. HigherOne will not be able to disburse your financial aid refund if you do not activate the card.

What is the OneAccount and do I have to open one?

The OneAccount is a free checking account service from HigherOne. Review the OneAccount information online at www.clarkdebitcard.com for more details.

You are not required to open the OneAccount. You can choose to have your financial aid refund deposited into your current checking account or have a paper check mailed to your home address.

Where can I use the Clark Debit Card?
If you choose the OneAccount, you can use the card anywhere that Debit MasterCard is accepted.   There are fees for PIN-based transactions (see Fee Schedule). To avoid fees, select the "credit" option. In most cases, you will be asked to sign a receipt when you make purchases with the card.

Are there any ATM fees?

There are no fees when you use the HigherOne ATM with your Clark Debit Card. There are three convenient ATM locations:

There are fees for using another bank's ATM (see HigherOne Fee Schedule).

Is there a $.50 fee for purchases made with the Clark Debit Card?
You have two options when making purchases with the Clark Debit Card: selecting "credit" or "debit." Both options draw money from your OneAccount.

When you select the credit option you will be asked to sign your receipt instead of entering your PIN. By selecting the credit option you will not be charged the $.50 PIN transaction fee.

Purchases made using the debit option are subject to the $.50 PIN transaction fee.

Does HigherOne charge fees for receiving my refund disbursement?
You are not charged to receive your refund, regardless of your refund preference. If you select the OneAccount you will not be charged for standard banking services such as zero minimum balance, online bill pay, check writing, etc.

However, there are fees for other services such as wire transfers, PIN based transaction fees, etc. Read the HigherOne Fee Schedule carefully to learn about potential fees and how to avoid being charged.

Can I change my refund preference?
Yes, you can update your refund preference at any time online at www.clarkdebitcard.com. Select "Financial Refunds" then "Refund Preferences" from the main menu to update your refund selection.

How will I know when my refund has been deposited to my OneAccount?
HigherOne notifies you by email and/or text message alert when your refund has been processed by HigherOne into your OneAccount. You can also check your account balance online at www.clarkdebitcard.com

What if I do not receive my Clark Debit Card in the mail?
You can track your card status online at www.clarkdebitcard.com using the "Where's My Card" feature. You may also visit the Financial Aid Office for assistance in tracking your card.

How do I request a replacement card?
If you lost your Clark Debit Card, you can request a replacement card by visiting the Cashiers Office. You will be charged a $20 replacement fee.