Veterans Affairs

Reasons for Delay of Benefits

Top reasons for a delay in receiving payment:

  • The student has not reported the schedule of classes or turned in their Proof of Attendance form to Clark’s VA office.
  • Proof of Attendance form not filled out completely or correctly.
  • Previous educational transcripts have not been evaluated by Clark College transcript department and/or Clark’s VA office has not received a copy of the evaluation.
  • The student has enrolled in courses that are not covered by the student's current degree program.
  • The student did not verify enrollment via the touch tone (1-877-823-2378) or WAVE method at the end of each month (Chapters 30, 1606, 1607).

  • The student may be in overpayment status with the VA.


If a student withdraws from or drops a course or courses after the reimbursement period the student will owe the tuition amount back to the VA.   If these changes occur you must report your new schedule to Clark College’s VA office, otherwise pay may still be received for courses that are not being attended which will create an overpayment.  When verifying, if verification reflects a higher level of attendance than the current enrollment please contact Clark College’s VA office.  Incorrect verification will result in an overpayment situation with the VA and future benefits will be affected.