Transfer Information
How do I transfer to another school?

Many students at Clark College are planning to transfer to a university to complete additional education. Students have multiple options for transferring. Often, students will choose to complete a transfer degree at Clark. Some students may choose to complete some classes at Clark without actually attaining a transfer degree. Others may be completing prerequisite courses at Clark for entrance into a particular program at another school. Students in the state of Washington have certain rights and responsibilities that are outlined in the Transfer Rights and Responsibilities Policy set forth by the Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board.

The Direct Transfer Agreement

Students who earn Clark College’s Associate in Arts, or Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) degree will normally be able to transfer to most Washington colleges and universities with junior standing, having met most or all lower division general education requirements. More information regarding the guidelines for the DTA can be found in the Direct Transfer Agreement.

Program Progression
As students prepare to transfer to another school, they must consider timelines and coordinating their time at Clark with when they plan to transfer. The Transfer Timeline provides information about what should be happening at different points in your academic career.

Ensuring Course Transferability
Students should make sure that they are taking courses that will transfer to the institution that they will attend after leaving Clark College. Advisors can assist student in choosing courses that will transfer to other schools, although it is always the receiving institution that ultimately determines transfer equivalencies. Therefore, students are encouraged to connect with transfer school advisors in addition to Clark College advisors. Many universities, particularly those in this geographic area, will provide transfer equivalency guides to lead students in the right direction in terms of taking classes that are transferable. Please visit our Equivalency Guide page for more information.

University Advising at Clark College
University advisors often come to Clark College to meet with prospective students and provide information. There is a Washington State University Vancouver representative housed in the Advising Office that students can make appointments with. Contact WSU Vancouver to schedule an appointment with the Transfer Coordinator. Also, visit the Event Calendar page for information about our College Transfer Fairs or upcoming visits by individual university advisors like Portland State University and Concordia University).

Choosing a Transfer Institution


Identify Transfer Institutions


  • What do you want to study?
  • Where do you want to attend college?
  • Compare colleges

Ask About Academics


  • What majors or programs do you offer?
  • Can I obtain my bachelor's degree in two years after completing my associate's degree?
  • What percentage of your students graduate?
  • Will I have to take more general education courses?
  • Is tutoring available?
  • How many students are enrolled at your college?
  • What are the average class sizes? What is the largest?
  • Are there evening classes available?
  • Do I need to declare my major when transferring?
  • Do professors teach most of the classes I wish to take or are there Teaching Assistants (TA)?


Ask About Admissions


  • What are the transfer admissions requirements?
  • Do you have an enrollment deadline for transfer students?
  • Are there special program requirements for my major?
  • What is the process of having credits transferred?
  • Is there an advantage to transferring with a completed transfer degree?
  • What GPA is required for acceptance into your school and my program of study?
  • What overall GPA and major GPA is needed to obtain a degree in my program of study?
  • What is the total number of transfer credits that your institution will accept?
  • Do my accepted credits meet degree requirements at your school? If yes, how do they fit in? If not, why don't they fit in?
  • After I transfer, how much longer will it take for me to get my bachelor's degree from your school?
  • What specific general education, core, elective or other courses will I need?
  • What requirements do I need to take at your school to complete my degree?


Questions for Academic Department Representatives


  • What specific courses should I take before transferring?
  • What internships are available as part of your program?


Ask About Financial Aid


  • What type of financial aid is available?
  • How do I apply for financial aid?
  • Do you have a financial aid deadline?
  • Are there transfer scholarships available through your college?
  • What is the total cost of my program, including books, fees, and tuition?
  • Are work study jobs available?


Ask About Student Life


  • What types of student housing are available? How much does it cost?
  • Are there opportunities for intramural sports?
  • Are there athletic teams?
  • What types of student organizations, socials, and activities do you have?


Ask About Job Placement Assistance


  • Does your school offer job placement assistance?
  • Do you offer part-time job assistance?
  • What are the job placement statistics for your graduates, and what types of jobs are they being offered?


Ask About Technology


  • Can I take any of my classes online?
  • What is the availability of computers at your school?
  • Do you have a wireless campus?
  • Will I need a computer?