Early Childhood Education (ECE)

During the eight (8) week summer quarter, ECE students will obtain the Washington State Initial ECE Certificate. Upon completion, students will be able to work in programs for young children (infant to 5 years old) providing care and education to children and families. ECE I-BEST pairs Transitional Studies instructors with career and technical education instructors in the classroom to provide students with literacy education while gaining workforce skills. 

This offering is taught by two talented and experienced instructors who work together in the classroom to combine the course and practicum contents. Further, a seminar class (CAP 091) is included to also provide students with an opportunity to build academic skills (such as college-level reading and writing,) study strategies, and computer skills. 

Degree and Certificate Options:

These credits can also apply towards an Associate of Applied Science in ECE Transfer degree, or additional certificates such as:

Entry Requirements: