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Elementary Education

Transfer to WSU Vancouver

This is a suggested program for the first two years of major study in Elementary Education (K-8). Contact a WSU Vancouver advisor to determine required coursework as early as possible.

Or the WSU Transfer Coordinator.

Lower DivisionClark College
  • First Quarter

    ENGL 101 English Composition 5 Credits
    PSYC 101 General Psychology 5 Credits
    ECON 101 Introduction to Economics 3 Credits
    or 201 Macroeconomics 5 Credits
    or 202 Macroeconomics 5 Credits
    PSYC 101 HEALTH/PE* 3 Credits
  • Second Quarter

  • ENGL 102 English Composition 5 Credits
    MATH 120 Math for Elementary Teachers 5 Credits
    ED 201** Introduction to Education 3 Credits
    ED 202** Introductory Field Experience 3 Credits

  • Third Quarter

    MATH 121 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers 5 Credits
    HIST 131 United States History  
    or 132 United States History  
    or 133 United States History 5 Credits
    MUS 105 Music in Early Childhood Education 3 Credits
    ED 280** Multicultural Perspectives in Education 2 Credits
  • Fourth Quarter

    PSYC 211 Human Development 5 Credits
    GEOG 101 **World Physical Geography 5 Credits
    CMST 101 Public Speaking 3 Credits
        Biological Science*** 5 Credits
  • Fifth Quarter

    POSC 111 American National Government and Politics 5 Credits
    or 171 Survey of the United States Constitution 3 Credits
        Physical Science*** 5 Credits
        Humanities* 4 Credits
  • Sixth Quarter

    ENGL 105 English Grammar** 5 Credits
    ED 280** Introduction to Environmental Education 2 Credits
        Science*** 5 Credits
        Humanities* 3 Credits

    Minimum Credits Required 90 credits
    (including general education requirements)

    * Refer to the Degree Requirements section in the Clark College Catalog to identify the courses needed to satisfy these requirements.
    ENGL 105 satisfies a list A humanities requirements.
    MUS 105 satisfies a humanities requirement without requiring a list A music course.
    **These courses are highly recommended, but are not required. See an advisor for alternatives.
    ***Please see a WSU Vancouver advisor to see which courses satisfy science requirements.

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