STEM at Clark

Clark College offers a comprehensive array of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs.

Courses include engineering, mathematics, chemistry, geology, surveying, CADD, computer science, biology, physical sciences, and physics. As one of the largest community and technical college in Washington, Clark has demonstrated its commitment to these programs by entering into partnerships and hosting special events at the college and in the community.

There are many STEM activities, such as
We reach out to the K-12 community through fun, hands-on, creative activities showcasing the science, math, and engineering involved. Our STEM students at Clark, primarily through the NERD Girls (Not Even Remotely Dorky) Girls club, work with K-12 to advocate for technological literacy. Our goal is to share with the K-12 community what Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) is and help them understand the concepts of how it relates to their everyday world. We really want to inspire students to envision their future to include STEM, and to excite their natural curiosity and creativity for a better world. For more information, contact:
The Washington State Legislature has authorized funding for a new science, math, engineering and technology building for Clark College. The building will be The Next Step in Clark's efforts to expand student access to STEM classes and programs.