The Nature of Addictions Counseling

Addiction Counselors work as a member of a treatment team in residential inpatient and outpatient treatment centers for alcoholics and other addicts. Addiction Counselors also work as liaisons for their clients in judicial systems, law enforcement agencies, schools, state services and community groups.

The Addiction Counselor Education Department at Clark College prepares you to help treat substance abuse, counsel people with substance abuse problems, and provide other services to people suffering from addiction. Our program provides the required knowledge, skills and the prerequisite training mandated by the State of Washington to earn certification as a certified Addictions Counselor. ACED graduates work in state, private and county agencies.

We offer:
A Washington State Certified Program • Training for successful completion of the Washington CDP State Exam • Day & evening classes • Full or part-time enrollment options • Transfer Options The employment outlook for counselors remains bright, especially for clinicians with desirable CDP credentials.

Clark College Program
Several Addiction Counselor study options are offered at Clark College. Students can choose to earn a Certificate of Proficiency in Addiction Counselor Education, requiring a total of 57 credit hours for completion for the student who already possesses a degree. Students can also select to pursue an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree or an Associate in Arts (AA) degree. Both associate degree programs require a total of 90 credit hours for completion. In addition to coursework, students in the Addiction Counselor Education program receive exposure to real world work settings with participating local agencies.

Transfer Options
Clark College’ s Addiction Counselor program is also designed for students who plan to continue their education and earn a bachelor’s degree in social work or a related field. In fact, Clark College has many partnerships or articulation agreements that allow you to transfer seamlessly. The ACED Advisor can assist a student with a bachelor’s degree goal in preparing a study program that will be compatible upon completion with transfer to a four-year institution. In the transfer program, you’ll complete your first two years at Clark College and your remaining two at the selected four-year college.

More Information
You can make a difference! Attend Clark College and become a professionally certified Addictions Counselor. For more information about Clark College’s Addiction Counselor Education Program, contact Dr. Marcia Roi at or 360-992-2171