Power Utilities Careers

Power Utilities certificate holders can expect to enter positions such as the following:
Utility Lineman Apprentice (climbing school also required in most cases)
Utility Substation Electrician Apprentice
Utility Substation Operator Apprentice
Utility Steam or Hydro Operator Apprentice
Utility Meter Technician Apprentice
Utility Relay Technician Apprentice
Utility Communication Technician Apprentice
Utility Project Cost Estimator
Trainee Industrial Electrician Apprentice

Electric utilities estimate that over 50% of their technical staff will be eligible for retirement in the next five years. Those utilities are concerned that too few qualified applicants are available to start the three to four year apprentice training necessary to replace experienced craft workers. Many utilities do not hire candidates directly into apprenticeship positions, instead such candidates are hired into entry level positions and evaluated before the commitment is made to the expensive apprenticeship training process. In addition, many utilities prefer to hire candidates with related work experience as well as the academic training provided by programs such as the PUT programs. Students without related work experience will greatly improve their opportunities by seeking jobs which give them that experience. Those students who successfully complete utility apprenticeships will have the opportunity for lifelong employment in a secure, challenging and well paying career.