Nursing Selection

Acceptance into the Nursing program is selective and competitive. It is based on the total points accumulated in the criteria outlined below.

Upon completion of the minimum requirements, an evaluation will be completed and the applicants will be notified by the Nursing department regarding program consideration and selection. Once the pool of selected candidates has been determined the applicant will be assigned to a fall, winter or spring quarter. The Nursing department is unable to accept requests for specific quarter starts.

Students are ranked based on the following 48-point scale:

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  • Science GPA (maximum points possible: 24)
Science GPA
2.00-2.24 3
2.25-2.49 6
2.50-2.74 9
2.75-2.99 12
3.00-3.24 15
3.25-3.49 18
3.50-3.74 21
3.75-4.00 24
  • Applicable GPA (maximum points possible: 20)
Applicable GPA
3.00-3.24 5
3.25-3.49 10
3.50-3.74 15
3.75-4.00 20
  • Washington Residency (12 month residency: 2)
    • Students who have lived in the State of Washington for 12 months prior to application deadline will earn 2 points toward selection. Residency status is determined by the Clark College Admissions office. Students are responsible for updating and ensuring accurate residency status with the college.
  • NAC Completion (Current certification: 1)
    • Students should submit the NAC credential number on an updated Statement of Intent form to the Enrollment Services department.
  • Experience in Health Related Field (1 year or more: 1)
    • Students must submit the completed RN Healthcare Experience form with appropriate documentation to the Enrollment Services department by the applicable application deadline. Forms that are submitted after the deadline will carry forward to the next application deadline. Additional information may be requested.
    • Health Related Experience Form
Tie breakers:

The Clark College Nursing Department will determine the most qualified applicant. Factors considered include number of repeats, academic rigor, and science GPA.

If you are not selected:

Qualified applicants not selected for program entry must return a response by the specified date if they wish to be considered in the next selection. Students who are not accepted are encouraged to meet with a Health Occupation Advisor to determine strategies to increase their competitiveness. They will not be given priority during future selection processes. Students will be included in the selection three times, provided they keep their files current. Students who have been included in selection the maximum number of times must meet with a health occupation advisor, if they wish to re-apply.

Selection Information: