RAMP: Rural Access Mechatronics Program

mecharonics lab
mechatronics lab

Upcoming Information Sessions

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Develop Technical Skills In Mechatronics

RAMP is a hybrid, online-to-lab program that offers instruction on electronics and mechatronics fundamentals for the rural student. With access to a computer and the ability to attend weekly labs, a student can earn a Certificate of Completion in just six months. 

Upon successful completion of the program, students can apply for entry-level technician jobs or continue to an Associate of Applied Technology (AAT) degree to broaden their mechatronics skillset.

Course topics include:

This program is well suited for high school graduates, those looking to enhance existing technical skills, or explore a new career path. Classes begin September 25.


Learning You Can Take Home

The RAMP curriculum is designed for students to complete coursework remotely and then apply their learning during hands-on projects in the lab. The program offers: 


Program Costs

Tuition & Fees                                     $2353

Estimated Books & Supplies             $580                  

Total                                                      $2933


Christopher Lewis 
Mechatronics Technology Professor 


 This program is made possible by grant NSF-ATE #1565577 from the National Science Foundation (NSF).