What exactly is Mechatronics Technology?

This growing technical field of study deals with the integration of mechanical and electronic components managed by a control system. Mechatronics technicians troubleshoot, maintain and repair mechanical equipment controlled by electrical, electronic and computer systems. The systems are increasingly used in a wide variety of manufacturing and related technical applications such as high technology.

Clark College's mechatronics classes are designed to provide personalized, small class course work at our new facility at Clark College at Columbia Tech Center (CTC) on S.E. Mill Plain Boulevard in east Vancouver. In Clark College's mechatronic classes, you will receive 'real world', state-approved technical instruction from an experienced instructor for the following types of manufacturing systems:

What does it take to be a Mechatronics technician?

Successful mechatronics technicians require comprehensive reading and mathematics skills and the ability to think analytically about inter-related systems. Aspiring technicians are self-starters, willing to learn on-the-job and possess the ability to work both independently and in teams.

Mechatronic technicians perform a wide variety of tasks. Typical activities are the following:
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