The Mathematics Division is designed to help all students succeed. Almost every student attending Clark College will have to take some math classes to fulfill the requirements for their degrees or certificates. The Mathematics Division provides a variety of instructors, class meeting times, formats and extra help to accommodate our students' needs.

Everyone can be successful in math!
Everyone struggles with mathematics at some point, but with patience, practice and persistence we learn the principles and skills that will help us move to the next level. Advances in science, technology, social science, business, industry and government are all dependent upon precise analysis of data. A basic understanding of math is essential to all people who will be entering the job market.

Students gain a better understanding of math concepts and processes, giving them the skills and experience necessary to succeed in college and in careers.

Approximate Costs
Costs to the student can widely vary. General tuition fees and textbook costs apply to every student taking a math course. A graphing calculator is generally recommended for student use. Costs for graphing calculators start at $115.00. Alternatively, students may borrow a graphing calculator form the Mathematics Division for one quarter at no cost.

Class Schedule
Course Descriptions
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