IBEST Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training
What is I-BEST?

I-BEST refers to Integrated Basic Education Skills Training. The program is designed to help you get further faster on a career or educational pathway. In the I-BEST program, you will have the benefit of two instructors. One of them is a specialist in his/her technical field. The other is a specialist in academic skills such as English, reading, and math, as well as, computer, research, and soft skills. They work together to integrate the curriculum. You will work half time in the program classes with both instructors and half time in the Basic Academic Skills class with the basic skills teacher. Additionally, you will be part of a learning community cohort of 20-25 students. You will go through the program together and have the benefit of study groups, accountability and vested interest in each other's success.

You could be in the I-BEST program from one to two quarters depending on your field of study. During that time, you will complete credits toward your certificate or degree. If you complete the I-BEST course and meet the other entry requirements, you will be able to continue in your technical or degree program.

Who is it for?
Students headed for careers who:
  • are highly motivated and committed to achieve career and educational goals
  • have tested below college level in reading or math
  • meet CASAS testing requirements
  • may need extra support to succeed
I-BEST Programs
Nursing Assistant Certificate

The 10 credit I-BEST NAC program will prepare a student to take the Washington State Nursing Assistant Certification exam. More...

NAC applications are accepted on a continuous basis. Qualified applicants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. For more info on important quarterly deadlines, please attend an I-BEST Information Meeting. .

ECE Initial Certificate of Achievement

The 18 credit I-BEST ECE certificate will prepare a student to work in a childcare or educational setting. The Initial Certificate of Achievement leads to an Associate of Applied Science in ECE, a Transfer Degree, and many other certificate options. More...

Academic I-BEST

In three quarters or less, you will complete basic education and college level courses, while receiving additional support in building academic study skills to work toward an AA, AAS Transfer, or Vocational degree. More...