Academic I-BEST

Academic I-BEST is a one to two quarter program allowing students to work toward their AA degree or vocational certificate, while receiving additional academic support in the classroom in general education courses required for completion of degree or certificate.
You get many bonuses, at no extra cost!
You will take part in a dynamic instructional experience with two instructors in the classroom. You will receive additional academic skills instruction including writing, reading, research, computer and presentation skills. You will be part of a learning community cohort with fellow Academic I-BEST students throughout the program. You will save time and money as Academic I-BEST provides a way for you to move through sequences faster.
Entry Requirements:
  • Complete a Clark College Admissions Application and pay $20 fee.
  • Complete FAFSA application online
  • Test below College level Reading on the COMPASS and at least 230 in reading or math on the CASAS test