Phlebotomy Course Outline & Requirements

Clark's phlebotomy certification coursework takes approximately three to four quarters of full-time instruction for successful completion. The information below lists the course requirements.

Phlebotomy Certificate of Achievement
Dept. Course # Course Title CR
Preliminary Requirements
You need to provide an official copy of your high school diploma or equivalent. You must also maintain a 2.5 cumulative Clark College grade point average (GPA).
READ 087 or higher (or COMPASS score of 74) 4
ENGL 098 or higher (or COMPASS score of 78) 5
BMED 110 Medical Terminology I * 3
FACPR 032 First Aid and Health Care Provider CPR 1
HEOC 100 Basic Concepts of Human Anatomy and Physiology * and Lab 4
BIOL 164 Human Biology * 4
and 165 Human Biology Lab 1
HEOC 102 Health Careers Exploration 2
HEOC 120 AIDS Education 1
Program Requirements
First Quarter
BMED 111 Medical Terminology II * 3
BMED 138 Legal Aspects of the Medical Office 2
CMST& 210 Interpersonal communication 5
PHLE 115 Phlebotomy Education w/ lab 3
PHLE 116 Basic Laboratory Skills for the Phlebotomist w/lab 3
Second Quarter
PHLE 197 Phlebotomy Clinical Experience
(150 hours)
PHLE 198 Phlebotomy Clinical Seminar 1
New Total Credits Required 33-43
* Course must be seven years current upon program entry.

Phlebotomy Program Costs

Phlebotomy Program Costs with Nursing Assistant Certified (NAC)