Phlebotomy Program

Clark's Phlebotomy Program on the WSUV Campus

Take the next step in a growing health care field.

Clark College announces that it will offer a newly designed Phlebotomy certification program starting fall 2013. All phlebotomy courses will be taught in specially configured classrooms and labs on the campus of Washington State University Vancouver in the college's health care instruction building. This facility is a health care instruction center for the college, and also houses the college's nursing program and the pharmacy technician program.

Program Overview & Certification
Phlebotomy is the practice of drawing blood for analysis, donation or medical testing. A career as a Phlebotomy technician is a rewarding path for someone who desires to work directly with patients. Students in Clark's Phlebotomy program are trained to perform a variety of blood collection methods. With hands-on training from experienced faculty, you will learn the essentials of drawing blood, including the monitoring and handling of blood collection equipment, safety and infection control and specimen processing.

Technologists and physicians depend upon the phlebotomist to collect quality patient specimens in order to produce quality laboratory results. Phlebotomy technicians are trained to create an atmosphere of trust and confidence in patients while drawing blood specimens in a skillful and safe manner.

Clark's phlebotomy coursework includes theories and principles related to obtaining blood specimens from many different kinds of patients, including adults, children and infants. The Phlebotomy curriculum prepares students to perform skin and venipuncture as well as to function as a member of a medical laboratory team. Emphasis is placed on safety, patient identification, quality assurance and specimen handling. The program curriculum includes a one-quarter lab practicum, providing students with 'real world' training practice in a health care facility.

Clark College's Phlebotomy certificate of achievement is awarded to those who successfully complete the program requirements. Graduates are also eligible to apply for national certification

Phlebotomy Program Purpose Statement

The Clark College Phlebotomy Program is committed to providing students with a comprehensive professional and practical application of phlebotomy and its relevance to patient care through quality teaching and varied clinical settings.

Phlebotomy Vision Statement

The Clark College Phlebotomy Program is dedicated to providing a career pathway in an ever-changing industry. We combine extraordinary education with advanced clinical experiences to create a solid foundation that prepares our students for today's workforce.