Pharmacy Technology AAT Degree Program

Take the next step in an exciting and growing career field.

Degree Program Overview
Clark College offers an expanded Pharmacy Technology curriculum leading to an Associate in Applied Technology (AAT) degree in Pharmacy Technician Leadership.

This degree program is intended for those students who would like to continue their education beyond the Pharmacy Technician Certificate of Proficiency currently offered at Clark College.

Courses offered for the AAT in Pharmacy Technology focus on developing skill sets in leadership, business relations and professional development. Acquiring these additional skills, beyond those in the current Certificate of Proficiency, provide aspiring pharmacy technology students with a significant advantage in securing entry level positions as well as in progressing within their career field.

The Department of Labor Education and Training Administration has awarded an $11.8M grant to the Health e-Workforce (HeW) Consortium. The HeW Consortium is comprised of nine Community and Technical colleges, including Clark College, to expand the workforce in Health Information Technology (HIT). The HeW Consortium has a special focus on assisting military veterans, their eligible spouses, and TAA-eligible workers with access to education and employment in this promising industry. Clark College is infusing informatics into its existing Nursing and Pharmacy Technician programs. During the duration of the three year grant, Clark’s Pharmacy Technician program will hold up to three spots each selection for qualified military veterans, eligible spouses, or TAA-eligible workers each selection period. For additional information please visit Clark Colleges Health e-Workforce Consortium website.