Important information for Clark College Dental Hygiene and Nursing students effective Fall 2012.

You should have received a letter from Clark College about the implementation of a program fee for Dental Hygiene and Nursing students currently enrolled—and for newly accepted students starting in Fall Quarter 2012 or beyond.

The following question-and-answer (Q&A) is intended to provide an overview of the change.

At the end of the Q&A you will find contact information should you have questions or need other assistance.

  1. Why is the Dental Hygiene and Nursing program fee being implemented?
    Costs for the programs are increasing at the same time that our state support in higher education has been decreasing over the last several years. The difference between the actual costs to operate the Clark College Dental Hygiene and Nursing programs and what tuition covers has increased significantly. Even with additional outside financial support, Washington State budget cuts this year made the situation more imperative to address in order to maintain our quality of instruction for both programs.
  2. How was the program fee amount determined?
    Clark College program officials met with each of the advisory boards for the Dental Hygiene and Nursing programs. The advisory boards are composed of career professionals from throughout the region. The advisory boards carefully studied the information regarding the need for additional funds to maintain Clark's quality instructional standards in Dental Hygiene and Nursing. Following their review and feedback, the advisory boards supported Clark College's decision to implement the program fee.
  3. If I am a returning Dental Hygiene or Nursing student, will I pay the program fee?
    Yes you will. The fee is not retroactive as was stated in the letter. Effective Fall 2012, returning students will pay for the fall, winter and spring quarters that they have remaining in the program.
  4. What is the program fee amount?
    The fee is $500 annually fee ($166 - fall, $166 - winter, $168 - spring).  The fee will be assessed every quarter that you are enrolled in the program.
  5. Is there anything that I must do differently when I register for my classes this fall?
    Over the next few days we will begin adding this fee to your student schedule for fall quarter 2012 using a unique item number. This item number is linked to your core dental hygiene or nursing courses and cannot be dropped. For future quarters this fee will also be linked to your core courses and will automatically populate when you register.
  6. Is the program fee covered under financial aid?
    Yes it is. Financial aid funds can be utilized for this program expense.
  7. If I have more questions or need to speak to someone, what do I need to do?
    You have a number of options available to you at Clark College. You can contact your Program Director. Their contact information is listed below. You can contact the Advising Department. Regarding financial aid matters, you can speak to the Financial Aid Department. And last, you can contact the Registration Department about the new item number process. We want to do all that we can to ensure no disruption in your receiving the best possible education and support at Clark College.
Contact Information
Dental Hygiene Program
Brenda Walstead
Director of Dental Hygiene
Nursing Program
Cindy Myers
Director of Nursing

Advising Department
Main Campus Gaiser Hall 108
Financial Aid Department
Main Campus, Gaiser Hall 104
Registration Department
Main Campus, Gaiser Hall 128