Attention - Nursing Point System Is Changing

The new point system will take effect with the September 15 application deadline. More information will be posted after April 1.

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Students will be ranked based on the following 48-point scale:

  • Science GPA (maximum points possible: 24)
  • Applicable GPA (maximum points possible: 20)
  • Washington Residency (12 month residency: 2)
  • NAC Completion (Current certification: 1)
  • Experience in Health Related Field (1 year or more: 1)

Nursing Selection (April 1, 2013 Selection Only)

Acceptance into the Nursing program is selective and competitive. It is based on the total points accumulated in the criteria outlined below. Students are ranked by a 50-point scale.

Upon completion of the minimum requirements, an evaluation will be completed and the applicants will be notified by the Nursing Department regarding program consideration and selection. Once the pool of selected candidates has been determined the applicant will be assigned to a fall, winter or spring quarter. The Nursing Department is unable to accept requests for specific quarter starts.

The factors that impact competitiveness are:

Assigned points per grade (maximum points possible: 45)

Nursing points are assigned for each grade in the 40 credits of preliminary requirements. For the purposes of assigning points, courses may be repeated only one time. If the course is repeated, the grade earned in the second attempt will be used to calculate points. This includes courses with a grade below 2.0.

Letter grades are recognized without +/- designation. A 2.0 or higher grade will be an accepted grade for a prerequisite course. The nursing points per grade are as follows:

A = 5 pts; B = 3 pts; C = 1 pt.

Points for previous degree (maximum points possible: 3)

Points are awarded for highest degree obtained.

  • if AA is highest degree obtained = 1 pt
  • if BA/BS is highest degree obtained = 2pts
  • if highest degree is MA/MS or above = 3pts
Washington residency (maximum points possible: 2)

Students who have lived in the State of Washington for 12 months prior to application deadline will earn 2 points toward selection. Residency status is determined by the Clark College Admissions office. Students are responsible for updating and ensuring accurate residency status with the college.

Tie breakers:

The Clark College Nursing Department will determine the most qualified applicant.

Selection Information:

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Selection statistics
Accepted students
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