Recent Nursing Criteria Changes:

  • Students apply to the program after completing all preliminary requirements
  • Nursing selections take place three times per year. Application deadlines are as follows:
    • September 15, February 15, and June 15
  • Nursing points are awarded on a GPA scale instead of points per each individual class grade
  • Students can earn 1 point for health related experience by submitting the RN Healthcare Experience Form with appropriate documentation

The Department of Labor Education and Training Administration has awarded an $11.8M grant to the Health e-Workforce (HeW) Consortium. The HeW Consortium is comprised of nine Community and Technical colleges, including Clark College, to expand the workforce in Health Information Technology (HIT). The HeW Consortium has a special focus on assisting military veterans, their eligible spouses, and TAA-eligible workers with access to education and employment in this promising industry. Clark College is infusing informatics into its existing Nursing and Pharmacy Technician programs. During the duration of the three year grant, Clark’s Nursing program will hold up to three spots each selection to educate qualified military veterans, eligible spouses, or TAA-eligible workers. Learn more about the Health eWorkforce Consortium.

Clark College has the largest Associate degree Nursing Program in Washington State. Clark’s program offers entry level RN education with over 250 currently enrolled students who provide clinical care in almost every major hospital and medical center in the Portland/Vancouver Metropolitan area. Students are mentored by approximately 13 full-time and 20 part-time faculty and are employed everywhere in Southwest Washington and throughout the Portland area.


Clark's nursing program is located at Clark College at Washington State University Vancouver. New, state-of-the-art laboratories are used for teaching nursing students, including a simulation lab for creating life-like clinical situations for student assessment and response.

As you consider applying to the Clark College Nursing Program, it is important that you, as a candidate, understand the requirements of the program and the profession. Students in the Nursing program, as well as nurses working in the healthcare field, experience extended periods of great physical exertion that include long hours of walking, standing, reaching, bending, and twisting. Nurses move and lift patients and other equipment weighing over 25 pounds.

Degrees and Curriculum

Associate Degree Nursing students are prepared to manage care for groups of patients in complex nursing situations including acute care, long term care and a variety of other healthcare settings. Graduates receive an Associate in Applied Science degree in Nursing. Graduates are qualified to take the National Council Examination for licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN).

Associate of Arts
Are you interested in earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing? With additional coursework, an Associate in Arts degree may be earned. Students with an Associate of Arts degree in Nursing can articulate directly with Washington State University Vancouver for completion of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or a Masters of Science in Nursing.