Associate of Arts in Nursing
Are you interested in earning a Bachelorís degree in Nursing?

To transfer to Washington State University Vancouverís Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program after completing Clark Collegeís Nursing program, the following courses must be completed with 2.0 or above grade for the Associate of Arts (Clark to WSU Direct Transfer Agreement):

Humanities   15

Select from a minimum of two (2) subject areas. A maximum of 5 credits of 100-level foreign language can be applied. A maximum of five (5) credits of B List coursework can be applied. See section B in current Catalog for available options.

Social Sciences  10

SOC& 101

PSYC& 100

Quantitative Skills  6
Math or Business 203 and 204

Health (waived due to nursing curriculum)

Communication Skills 10

Students applying under the Fall 2007 catalog or later for the Associate of Arts (Clark to WSU Direct Transfer Agreement) must complete 10 credits in Communication Skills.

NOTE: must include ENGL& 101 and ENGL& 102 or ENGL 109


ENGL& 101 CMST& 220
ENGL& 102 CMST& 230
ENGL 110 CMST& 210
ENGL 109 ENGL& 235
ENGL 108