Program Overview

Students completing Clark College's Associate in Arts–Option B (AAB) degree can continue on to a bachelor's degree program in Healthcare Technology and Managment (HCTM) at Bellevue College or Health Informatics Information Technology through Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT). In fact, Clark's new Health Informatics IT program is specifically designed for seamless transfer to seperate baccalaureate programs either Bellevue College or OIT. The Bellevue College bachelor's degree is delivered to students using an accessible, distance-based learning environment and the OIT hybrid delivery option is hosted at OIT's new campus near Wilsonville.

After completing the AAB, Clark graduates will be able to transition to Bellevue College's program which is specifically built around educating students in information technology and healthcare knowledge and skills.The OIT program is also intended to provide graduates with a well prepared business and scientific knowledge base and the computer science or information technology skills to integrate computer technology in the health care field.

Whichever pathway you plan to take, career opportunities in health informatics IT are increasing in a variety of health organizations that includes hospitals, medical insurers, public health agencies, research institutions, medical groups and clinics and industries engaged in health care IT. Graduates are employed as consultants, managers, systems designers, database administrators, systems analysts and researchers. Opportunities for advancement are many and they are either in a technical or managerial area.

Salaries have grown in recent years in keeping with the growth of career opportunities in the field. More detailed and related information in Health Informatics IT can be obtained using these helpful weblinks:

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