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TEXTBOOK OPTIONAL: Pick up any glossary or handbook on writing: for example,

Abrams, M.H. A Glossary of Literary Terms, 6th Ed. HBJ. 1993.

English 126/226 is a skill workshop that will focus on poetry, focusing on the improvement of the student's craft with special attention to imagery, figurative language and diction. Poetry writing, at least in this class, does not mean writing "verse". Verse means "Hallmark" (sentimental or nostalgic) children's poetry, and popular song lyrics. Poetry, for this class, will mean works that explore a theme deeply using historical, religious, psychological, political and social allusions.

Written Critiques: 30%. Each student must respond verbally to each poem offered during workshops. These verbal responses must comment on the author's manuscript, must illustrate the student's knowledge of the content and must illustrate a competent use of literary devices. Each week student will be required to provide revision suggestions on all poetry posted to the discussion board, receiving up to 2 points for each comment. Each week student must also respond to 10 comments posted by other students, receiving 1 point for each response.  For example, if 20 poems are posted, then students could earn 40 points for substantive revision suggestions, plus earn an additional 10 points for responding to the revision suggestions made by other students for a total possible 50 points for the week. 

All comments on poems and responses to comments must be posted before 5:00 p.m. on Friday each week.

Original Work: 30%. Each student must present a minimum of ten poems; one poem must be posted each week by all students. Students who ignore this schedule will be docked 10% of the grade for the work, each day the work is late. Original work must be posted on Mondays by 5:00 p.m. The ability to post poems on the weekly thread will be available Suday of that week. Late poems posted after the end of the school week (Friday at 5:00 p.m.) will be removed from the discussion board.

Portfolio: 40%. Each student must present a portfolio of revised work at the end of the class that reflects an improved ability in each of the skills covered in the class. Due Finals Week.

Attendance: Attendance is mandatory. Points for the class will be awarded for participation in the online discussion board where students will post their original work, and post comments on each other's work. Emergencies and illness will be handled on an individual basis

College Wide-Abilities: Following are Clark College's "campus-wide" abilities that all teachers will encourage. English 123 will focus primarily on numbers one and three: 1 critical thinking (CT); 2 information retrieval (IT); 3 communication (C); 4 effective citizenship (EC); 5 life-long learning (LL); 6 multi-cultural awareness (MC).

Course goals include:

developing critical reading skills so that you may constructively comment on creative works, developing creative writing skills which include elements of critical thinking, audience awareness, development and theme structure, improving confidence in presenting your work to others, working with reviewers and editors by using their constructive commentary to revise your creative work, improving your ability to manage your time in order to meet strict deadlines.

Discussion/Attendance Rubric

Your participation in the discussion board represents attendance, classroom participation, and weekly evidence that you are making progress in achieving the goals and objectives of the class. Each discussion thread will be worth sixteen points.  Your participation will be graded using the following criteria:

Response to students' poems

     10-8 points  for using poetic terminology correctly, providing meaningful revision suggestions, and clear and precise explanations.

     7-5 points for using mostly the correct terms, mostly providing revision suggestions, and for providing reasonable explanation.

     4-0 points for incorrect terms, minimal suggestions, and shallow explanations.

Replies to others:

     6-5 points for being polite, engaging, and thoughtful

     4-3 points for being polite, engaging and not so thoughtful

     2-0 for being polite and a bit shallow

For being impolite, rude, aggressive, insulting or otherwise disruptive, removal from the class.