English Department Policies

Composition Course Policies
The Clark College English Department designs composition classes to increase students' reading, writing, and thinking skills in order to promote fluency and confidence in written communication.
Policies and practices in Clark College's composition courses.

Much of your college education will involve learning what others have written and then integrating those ideas into your own thinking. But in academic writing any ideas or language not credited to another are assumed to be that of the author. The problem of plagiarism comes in when you fail to give credit for those ideas that are not originally yours. The word plagiarism, which comes from the Latin word for "kidnapping," refers to the unacknowledged use of another's words, ideas, or information. Your instructor will introduce you to strategies to avoid plagiarism, the conventions for using and acknowledging sources, and good note-taking procedures. Your instructor will also help you to gain confidence in your own writing so that you do not feel a need to borrow the words of others.
Guide to help you avoid plagiarism...