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The Clark College English Department offers a variety of classes to promote fluency and confidence in written communication. Courses range from pre-college level through basic college composition and research writing. Whatever the class, the goal in this writing program is to teach students to write well about something important. Each course will help students understand and practice the process of writing while developing the ability to write standard English effectively, to discuss ideas and opinions in a precise, clear, direct, vigorous, and sustained manner, and to use information found through research to develop and support ideas.

Technical Writing

Technical Writing: English 135 and 235 are the lower and upper level courses in technical writing. They fill the work-world writing needs and curricular requirements of students in designated technology degree programs across the College.

Creative Writing
Clark's English Department offers courses for the beginning and the developing creative writer. Workshop courses in both poetry and fiction offer the student expert guidance from published faculty, and feedback from fellow students. The faculty manage the workshops in a constructive and positive manner, where the criticism offered helps each student effectively revise his or her original work.

The English Department offers a wide variety of Literature classes to promote student reading of fiction, drama, poetry, and prose and assist students in fulfilling General Education Humanities distribution and elective credits. Reading is an excellent way to expand one's critical and cultural awareness, and it can also be entertaining. Our literature classes range across the globe and from ancient times to the present. We have something for everyone: Ancient Mythology and Women Writers, Shakespeare and Science Fiction, World Literature and Pacific Northwest writers, Multi-ethnic American Literature and occasional Special Topics courses. Our offerings change each quarter, and we add new courses periodically.
To see the current literature offerings, browse the online schedule for English classes numbered 130 and higher.

eLearning (hybrid and online classes)
The English Department's eLearning Program started in 1994 when Dr. Gerard Smith taught the first online undergraduate literature course in the country entitled "Virtual Poetry." Since then the department's offerings have grown steadily. eLearning courses may either be hybrid (HY) or distance (DL) as indicated in the Schedule of Classes. Hybrid course meet in class several hours per week for lecture and the balance of the time online. Students are required to participate in online discussions using Blackboard, and to complete online assignments. Distance courses are completely online and require that the student read all online lectures, complete online assignments and participate in online discussions through Blackboard. Each eLearning instructor will hold regular office hours and also respond to student questions by email.

The English Department will offer two online literature classes per term, and will add other courses and sections as demand grows. Below are links to sample syllabi for the department's online courses:
Introduction to Poetry
Introduction to Literature
Poetry Writing
Creative Writing
Introduction to Composition
Research Writing

Writing Center
The Writing Center is open to the entire campus community to provide assistance with all kinds of writing, from papers to resumes.