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The Clark College English Department offers a variety of classes to promote fluency and confidence in written communication. Courses range from pre-college level through basic college composition and research writing. Whatever the class, the goal in this writing program is to teach students to write well about something important. Each course will help students understand and practice the process of writing while developing the ability to write standard English effectively, to discuss ideas and opinions in a precise, clear, direct, vigorous, and sustained manner, and to use information found through research to develop and support ideas.

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The composition sequence includes English 101 and English 102, which are both 5-credit courses. These courses are closely aligned with department-created rubrics and common final assignments that are used in all English 101 and 102 classes. As an alternative to English 102, students can take English 110: Composition for Literature.

English 101 Course Description:

Exposition and argument, emphasizing critical thinking in response to electronic and print texts. Focus on exploring, developing, and communicating ideas in a voice appropriate to the audience. Student strength skills through pre-writing, drafting, revising, and editing. In-class and out-of-class writing required.

English 102 Course Description:

Continued studies in exposition and argument emphasizing the research paper. Focus on analysis and synthesis of electronic and print text in the context of supporting the writer's ideas with appropriate documentation.

English 110 Course Description

Continued studies in writing essays of exposition and argument emphasizing the interpretation of literature, with focus on critical reading of literary texts using theories and appropriate use of documented sources to support the writer's ideas. Expanding academic writing skills of pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and documenting.

Pre-College Writing

English 097 and English 098 are the two pre-college level courses offered through the English Department.  Both 5-credits, these courses are also closely aligned with department-created rubrics and common final assignments and are intended to prepare students for college-level writing.

English 097 Course Description:

Emphasis on writing complete, correct sentences and unified, coherent paragraphs and short essays.  Learn to build writing skills through pre-writing, drafting, revising, and editing, and develop analytical habits of mind, reading comprehension strategies, and digital literacy skills. Short essays and selected readings will be assigned. 

English 098 Course Description:

Emphasis on expository writing and increasing control of grammar and mechanics.  Skills include summarizing and writing essays. Students develop skills through pre-writing, drafting, revising, and editing. In-class and out-of-class writing required.

Technical Writing

PTWR 135 and English 235 are the lower and upper level courses in technical writing. They fill the work-world writing needs and curricular requirements of students in designated technology degree programs across the College.

PTWR 135 Course Description: 

Introduction to the principles of effective workplace communication: focus on methods of writing clear, concise documents for technical audiences and purposes; summarizing technical information; collaborating successfully in small groups. For students of all technical fields.

English 235 Course Description:

Study of advanced writing skills for typical work-world documents in a business/technical environment, with emphasis on document format, audience analysis, correspondence, formal and informal reports, research, and documentation.

Creative Writing

The English Department offers courses for the beginning and advanced creative writer in fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction writing. Taught in the workshop format, creative writing courses offer the student expert guidance from published faculty and feedback from fellow students. Students can also gain further insight into publication through English 277: Introduction to Literary Publication, which starts the production process of Phoenix, Clark's art and literary journal. The full sequence of creative writing courses are as follows:


The English Department offers a wide variety of literature classes to promote student reading of fiction, drama, poetry, and prose and assist students in fulfilling General Education Humanities distribution and elective credits. Reading is an excellent way to expand one's critical and cultural awareness, and it can also be entertaining. Our literature classes range across the globe and from ancient times to the present. Our offerings change each quarter, and we add new courses periodically. We have something for everyone:

eLearning Courses

The English Department's eLearning Program started in 1994 when Dr. Gerard Smith taught the first online undergraduate literature course in the country entitled "Virtual Poetry." Since then the department's offerings have grown steadily, and today, composition, technical writing, poetry writing, and literature courses are all available in the online and hybrid formats. English 098, a pre-college level writing course, is offered in the hybrid modality. All eLearning courses are conducted in Canvas, a Learning Management System used by most of the community and technical colleges in Washington.

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