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Welcome to Clark College's English Department. Our diverse faculty offer courses designed to meet university transfer requirements, and to fulfill vocational/technical certification through traditional, hybrid or online classes. In addition to pre-college and first-year composition, our faculty offer courses in literature, humanities, creative writing, and technical writing.

Comprehension and analysis of information combined with clear communication of opinions and facts are crucial for citizenship, scholarship, and employment. In our face-to-face classes, hybrid classes and online classes, Clark's English faculty, provide instruction that helps each student improve literacy skills and appreciate how language helps shape society and culture, and how various media and genres frame our communication. Finally, English texts emphasize diversity and critical thinking because encountering and engaging challenging materials prepares students for our increasingly diverse society.

Whether you want to fulfill a degree requirement, broaden your horizons, or just settle down with some good books, we have classes to meet your needs. Consider taking our sweeping survey courses to get a good background in American, British, or World Literature. Explore specific genres by taking Folklore, Science Fiction, Mythology, Fiction, Poetry, Drama, or the Novel. If you are interested in literatures of unique experiences or populations, consider Women in Literature, Multi-ethnic Literature, and Queer Literature. Our classes are offered at a variety of times to meet various scheduling needs, so check out the catalog to get the best match for your interests and schedule.

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