English 101

English 101 Course Description

English 101 is a college-level writing course that is transferable to four-year colleges and universities. The course helps students develop and hone college-level reading, critical thinking, and writing skills and prepare for future academic writing assignments. Academic writing means understanding and building on the work of others. Consequently, the class focuses on developing the ability to find and read thoughtful and thought-provoking articles by other writers and using that knowledge to form and support an idea. In writing three to six page essays, you'll learn to contribute to our collective conversation about ourselves and our world.  You'll also develop the summary, paraphrase, and citation skills necessary to integrate information from sources accurately and ethically. Although there might be some attention to grammar, mechanics, and punctuation, that is not the focus of this course.

We think you’re ready for this task if you feel comfortable as a writer—not brilliant, necessarily--but if

English 101 Sample Final Essay Assignment

Topic: Is higher education worth the price?

The goal is to practice academically oriented arguments and work with complex ideas by analyzing arguments from multiple sources of information.  You will have to include opposition to your position and deal with that opposition respectfully.  Consider why you might write such an argument.  Here are some examples:       

The more clearly you can see your argument as having a real-life purpose and a specific audience, the stronger will be your case.

Selected Argument Topics:  You must take a side while acknowledging the opposite side. Your argument needs to grow from one of these areas:

The thesis for this paper is your baseline statement of this argument’s scope and purpose.

Research to find:

IMPORTANT: You must not exceed the four sources (per the English Department).

Length: The English Department requires 5 to 6 pages (1500 to 1800 words) using proper MLA format, including a Works Cited page (not included in your word count).

This assignment will include three drafts, all of which must be turned in as part of the portfolio.  The first draft is for the in-class peer review.  The second draft is for the student-teacher conference.  The third draft is your final version.

Textbook Help: For examples of an argument MLA sample essay, read “Online Monitoring: A Threat to Employee Privacy in the Wired Workplace” on page 527 of Rules for Writers by Diana Hacker. Use Rules for Writers pages 458-532 to correctly cite your sources correctly, format your paper properly, create a works cited page, paraphrase and summarize your sources ethically.

Grading: The final draft of the paper will be graded using the English 101 Rubric for Common Final Essay, a copy of which you will receive.  This rubric has been developed to make sure that you have the skills to be ready to enter English 102. The Department has established these minimum requirements for all final 101 assignments:

English 101 Sample Reading

"A New Course" by Magdalena Kay

English 101 Sample Final Student Essay

"The Necessity of Liberal Arts"                                    

English 101 Grading

An A-Level Final Essay in English will do the following: