English 097

English 097 Course Description

English 097 is a basic skills class that offers ample support and review for students who want to improve their reading and writing skills. You’ll build vocabulary and learn how to read material that might once have seemed somewhat overwhelming.  In writing, you’ll learn how to compose correct and varied sentences by thoroughly reviewing editing skills as well as how to construct paragraphs that make and support a point. Typical students gain the skills and the confidence to move ahead in both college and careers.  

English 097 is offered as a stand-alone class and as part of the I-Best program.  In the I-BEST program, two to three instructors team teach a group of 20 to 25 students who work through all the I-Best courses together. English is taught along with a support class and a college-level class such as Geography or Intro to Early Childhood Education.  Depending on your progress, you might earn college-level credit for English.   The program is designed to help you progress faster through your career or educational pathway.

You might choose English 097 or I-Best if

English 097 Sample Final Essay Assignment

Worth 30% of Course Grade

This essay will be a 2.5 to 3 page response to Jean Kilbourne’s article, “Jesus Is a Brand of Jeans.” This essay should be computer-generated and should be focused around a clear thesis in response to Kilbourne’s essay.  Below are the specific requirements of this essay:

  1. Your thesis should engage with the article: do you agree, disagree, or both? Why?
  2. The body of your essay should include a comprehensive summary of the article.
  3. The body of your essay should also include specific examples and explanations that support your thesis.
  4. You should not include any research beyond the Kilbourne essay.
  5. Your essay should include an introduction, strong topic sentences for your paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  6. Your writing should reflect your understanding of the grammar and punctuation rules we have been studying this term.
  7. This essay should be between 2.5 and 3 pages long.
  8. You should work through the writing process on this essay, including in-class peer review work. Writing and submitting a rough draft is required.

The essay will be graded using the common grading rubric and must meet the rubric outcomes to earn a passing grade.

English 097 Sample Reading Material

"Jesus Is a Brand of Jeans" by Jean Kilbourne

English 097 Sample Student Final Essay

"The Effects of Advertising"

English 097 Grading 

An A-level final essay in English 097 will do the following: