Placement Levels

Students will primarily be placed in English 097, English 098, or English 101. However, if faculty readers determine that students' skills are not at any of these levels, placement in CAP courses will be recommended, and students will have to take the CASAS exam. 

English 097, 098, and 101 build on each other, and students who start at the 097 level will gain the skills to be successful in 098 and 101.  Understanding the different levels and what will be expected in each is a good way to prepare for the Readiness Assessment.  The course links on your right (and below) will provide you with course descriptions, grading information, and sample course readings and student essays for each of these levels of composition. Please read through the materials found via these links to better understand placement levels. Below you'll find brief descriptions of each English course in which you could be placed.