Child Education and Family Studies

The Child Education and Family Studies Division is committed to supporting families, training future staff and building community.

Work in programs for young children is a challenging, absorbing, and personally rewarding career. The Early Childhood Education (ECE) departmental faculty and staff are committed to providing accessible educational and training opportunities to diverse populations of students whose goals are to provide care and education to young children and families. Students can access the ECE career pathway in multiple ways. Certificates of achievement, a Certificate of Proficiency, an Associate in Applied Science Degree and transfer options are available in the field of early learning. Advisors are available for individualized help with a focus on student success.

The new Oliva Family Early Learning Center is a vibrant location for this exciting program.

Course Descriptions
Schedule of Classes

The Family Life Department in Child and Family Studies is committed to supporting families by providing parent involvement opportunities in the early learning program, parent education and working partnerships with families that bridge home/school communications. A variety of services are provided for diverse families, including full and half-day early learning programs for young children and early intervention services for families who have children with special needs. The Child and Family Studies Program is a lab school where Clark ECE students have the opportunity to put theory into practice in working with children and families. The services in our program are directed to Clark students, staff, state employees and community members in general.