English 098

English 098 Course Description

English 098 is a developmental bridging course that prepares students to enter English 101. The class reviews a variety of writing and reading skills, giving students a chance to improve on the basics and enter English 101 with confidence. You’ll write two to three page  essays while reviewing the writing process, from brainstorming through revision. You’ll also learn to develop and support central ideas while creating a logical line-of-thought that readers can follow.  You’ll get help with sentence editing, especially with developing a clear and precise style, but also with making corrections in grammar, mechanics, and punctuation.  Because academic writing means using sources, instructors will show you how to find and use them correctly. Reading comprehension and critical thinking are emphasized throughout. You’re ready for this class if

English 098 Sample Final Essay Assignment

Prewriting: Prewrite about the assigned essay, “Turning off the School-to-Prison Pipeline” by Harry Wilson.

Talk back to the author.  Explore points about which you agree and disagree.  Explain your own experience with school discipline policies in K-12.  What changes would you like to see?  What strategy or strategies would you use to solve the problem that Wilson identifies?

Topic: Write an essay proposing and arguing for a particular solution to the problem Harry Wilson describes in “Turning off the School to Prison Pipeline.”

You must use two and may use up to three credible, college-level sources. One must be the common reading; the second must come from the library’s print or electronic reference collection; the third, if used, might come from the library reference collection or another library database, or you might choose to interview someone with personal knowledge of school discipline issues.

These sources must be documented using MLA style for signal phrases, in-text citations, and Works Cited page.  Quotations must be accurate and appropriately punctuated.  Summary and paraphrase must be accurate, complete, comprehensible, and independent from the original source in language and sentence structure.

Length:  800-1200 words (3-4 pages)

Audience: Imagine readers as a group of people who could either implement or encourage implementation of the solution you’re proposing. Present yourself as an informed citizen with solid information and thinking.  Remember, they haven’t read the essay, so you must provide information on the school-to-prison problem.

Purpose: Informative and persuasive. The essay may be written entirely in third person—a very objective and authoritative voice or, if you have extensive personal experience with the issue, you might choose first person, a more expressive approach. If you choose first person, remember to present sources objectively and build your argument on more than personal example.

Focus: In addition to the criteria for grading listed for first two essays and the revision, pay attention to the following:

English 098 Sample Reading

"Turning off the School-to-Prison Pipeline" by Harry Wilson

English 098 Sample Final Student Essay

"Making the Alternative the Default"

English 098 Grading 

An A-level final essay in English 098 will do the following: