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Culinary Arts Taskforce Proposal

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The Clark College Culinary Arts–Cooking/Restaurant Management program is temporarily suspended due to curriculum revisions. The Culinary Arts-Cooking department is working on designing a plan to implement program improvements and new food-service options on the main campus. The college mandated the revisions to stay current with modern culinary trends and offer a top-notch cooking program that meets the needs of students and the community.
Program updates and any requirement changes will be posted on this website, as they are available.

Despite the cooking program's suspended operation, its culinary sister, the Clark College Culinary Arts-Baking program, remains open during the transition.

The Clark College Culinary Arts program offers certificates of proficiency and degrees in Baking/Bakery Management.

Course Descriptions can be found at Baking-Culinary Arts on the Clark College website.

cooking in the Clark College Culinary Arts kitchen
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