International Studies Certificate

The International Studies Certificate Program recognizes the growing importance of global interdependence and diversity. It is of special interest to students planning careers in fields that incorporate foreign languages, regional studies, international business, or economics. 

International Studies Certificate

The International Studies Certificate is for students in World Languages (Japanese or Spanish) who are interested in courses with a strong international focus as they complete the distribution requirements for their Associate of Arts degree.

Catalog information about the International Studies Certificate.

Core Courses (25 credits)

To earn the Certificate (which appears as a special notation on the transcript), students must complete 25 credits in Core Courses, plus 15 credits in additional approved international electives. Students must complete each required core class with a grade of C or above.

Approved International Electives (15 credits)

The International Studies Certificate Program has identified certain courses in the Clark College catalog as having a strong international component. Students must complete 15 credits from the list below. The selected courses count toward the International Studies Certificate while at the same time meeting distribution requirements for the Associate of Arts degree. Students must complete each international elective class with a grade of C or above. 

Study Languages Abroad

Clark College offers foreign language immersion programs for students who want to improve their language skills through travel and study abroad. The Clark College World Languages Abroad Program offers study abroad opportunities in Spanish and Japanese.

Additional study abroad opportunities are available through Clark College International Programs


For additional information, please contact a participating World Languages faculty member in Japanese or Spanish.

Michiyo Okuhara Japanese 360-992-2455
Erika Nava Spanish 360-992-2172
Elizabeth Ubiergo Spanish 360-992-2977