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Study Abroad

Gain Global Perspective

More and more, students are discovering the value of living and studying in a country outside their own. Through the exchange of international ideas and understanding, study abroad programs at Clark College offer students distinct advantages in school and in the workplace. Evidence is growing to support the belief that studying abroad helps students develop a wide range of marketable skills.  In fact, seven out of 10 jobs today encompass an international component; and employers look for the skills, abilities, and qualities that result from international experience: cooperative problem solving, tolerance for ambiguity, respect for diversity, open-mindedness, self-reliance, and adaptability.

Study abroad programs offer course credit toward many disciplines at Clark College such as Psychology, Anthropology, Egypt 2008Foreign Languages, Communications, Art, History, Literature, Environmental Studies and more.

Beyond the career realities and credit opportunities, of course, is the chance to learn more about another culture. You will also gain insight into your own culture and learn more about yourself as you adapt to new situations. Your perspective of the world will broaden and you will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of being a global citizen.

World Languages Abroad

The Associated Students of Clark College (ASCC) sponsors the World Languages Abroad program in which faculty members from Clark College Language departments lead summer trips abroad. This gives students who have basic foreign language skillsClark College students in Switzerland  an opportunity to continue their language learning. Summer 2012 will feature trips to Chicoutimi, Quebec and Japan. Summer 2013 is scheduled for trips to Germany and a Spanish-speaking country. 


French–  To find out more about the summer program, contact Professor Jill Darley-Vanis at

Japanese – Professor Michiyo Okuhara leads a trip to study Japan 2008 Japanese culture and language, visiting cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, and Joyo, Vancouver’s sister city. Please contact Professor Okuhara for more information at

German – German Professor Julian Nelson is Director of the German Studies in Berlin program which leads a group to Berlin, Germany every other summer. Find out more about the plan for summer 2013.

Spanish – For more information about the summer program led by Spanish Professor Felipe Montoya you can contact him at Professor Elizabeth Ubiergo is another good source for information. She can be reached at or 360-992-2977.




Washington State Community College Consortium for Study Abroad

WCCCSA (Washington Community College Consortium for Study Abroad) is a group of community colleges that have combined their efforts to provide quality study abroad programs for two-year college students. There are currently 15 colleges in the consortium from across the state of Washington. Programs that are planned through Fall 2015 include the following:

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Prague, Czech Republic - Spring 2014

Study in the capital of the Czech Republic, a city built of picturesque towns, each of which still remains its own unique character. Find yourself in a city rich in culture where aspiring young American writers and artists gather, jazz musicians improvise in the open air, locals sip coffee in art-nouveau cafes and clubs stay open until dawn.

Alajuela, Costa Rica  - Summer 2014
Whether studying Spanish or researching rainforest ecosystems, you will find Costa Rica is an idyllic place to live and study. The congeniality of the people, the steaming volcanoes, pristine beaches, virgin forests, and the unique birds, mammals and ocean life all combine to make a memorable and enriching experience. Courses are held at the Instituto de Cultura y Lengua Costarricense (ICLC), Costa Rica's premier language institute.

London, England - Fall 2014

Loved and respected for its architecture, theatres, museums, galleries and academic institutions, London has something for everyone. Along with earning a full quarter of transferable college credits, students live with British families and immerse themselves in day to day British Life.  Frequent field trips and travel opportunities enable students to experience the culture and history of this great city as well as the beautiful countryside of England.

Florence, Italy - Spring 2015
In the heart of Tuscany, the landscapes and cityscapes of Florence, Italy, have inspired some of the greatest artists in history. Today, the city is a kind of crossroads not only to Italy but all of Europe, attracting visitors (and residents) from many cultural backgrounds. Studying in Florence will give you the chance to be in a very cosmopolitan atmosphere, and at the same time be situated safely among fellow students from Washington State. As you get to know the area and become more practiced in the Italian language, you will meet local residents as well as other students who have chosen to study abroad. Whether you are an artist, a painter, a filmmaker, a musician,a footballer, a hiker, an avid reader, or all of the above, your field trips and class lessons will be suited to your needs and interests, as you travel to concerts, films, soccer matches and museums alike! And remember, your instructor is a student in Italy, as well. You will learn from each other, study the Italian language, and be inspired by your work in the classroom and beyond. The WCCCSA group will become a true community of scholars, making your experience an adventure, a joy, and a comfortable entrance into new terrain and another language.

Barcelona, Spain - Fall 2015
Program led by WA state community college faculty teaching 10 credits at the facilities of Barcelona International College (BIC). Additional Spanish language course taught by local faculty. BIC is located in the heart of the Eixample; a centrally-located, residential neighborhood known for its 19th century Mondernist design.  Students will live with homestay families, with breakfast and dinner included. A thorough on-site cross-cultural and health and safety orientation will be provided upon arrival. Full comprehensive medical and accident insurance included. Participate in cultural activities which may include local food and market tours, salsa classes, Spanish and Catalan cooking classes, language exchange with local student and more! Experience the Barcelona lifestyle Fall 2015! More information to come soon!


Green River Community College Programs

Green River Community College offers two additional programs to complement the WCCCSA programs. In addition to the opportunities listed above, you can choose to live and study in Australia/New Zealand or Japan. Students earn credits which transfer to Clark College in a one-quarter program.

Japan - Fall 2014
Japan offers a rich environment of arts, culture and history where centuries-old traditions exist in contrast with ultra-modern lifestyles. You can be part of a cohort group of 25-30 students from Green River Community College and other Colleges to live and study in Tokyo, Japan in this 10-week study abroad program. This 15 unit program offers courses in Digital Photography, Creative Writing and Japanese Culture.

Australia/New Zealand - Winter 2015
Study abroad and earn 15 credits in sunny Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. Courses offered are History of Australia/NZ, New Zealand Biology as well as Humanities: Australian/NZ Life and Culture. Students will spend 5 weeks in Melbourne, Australia and 5 weeks in Auckland New Zealand.


Student-originated Study Abroad

The opportunities are almost endless for U.S. students who want to study abroad. You can find information about numerous programs in the Office of International Programs (GHL215) and on the internet. When you find a program that fits your needs, please bring the information to the Office of International Programs. We will gladly try to answer your questions and help you with your global education!

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