eLearning Frequently Asked Questions (Prospective Students)

See FAQ for current students...

What are the types of classes offered through eLearning?
We offer four main types of classes:
  • Online: These courses are delivered via the Internet using Moodle, an online interface that allows students to interact with faculty and classmates entirely at a distance.
  • Hybrid: These courses are delivered with a combination of online interaction and regularly scheduled face-to-face classroom time.
  • Telecourse: These courses use videos to deliver the majority of the course content.
  • Teleweb: These courses use a combination of videos and online interaction to deliver course content and assignments.

What are the technical requirements for using Moodle?
See the eLearning Technical Requirements page for more information.

Where do I find a listing of eLearning courses being offered?
The eLearning listings are published along with the other classes offered by Clark College in both the printed and online quarterly schedule. In the printed schedule they are located under the department heading below the subtitle “eLearning Classes”.

How do I register for an eLearning class?
Registration for eLearning classes is the same as any other class offered by Clark College. For more information, log into the Current Students area of the website.

When do eLearning classes start?
eLearning follows the same schedule as on campus classes. Consult the quarterly schedule for more information regarding start and end dates.  The first day of the quarter is considered the first day of class for eLearning classes. 

Can I use financial aid for eLearning classes?
Yes, financial aid can be used for eLearning classes. For more information contact the Financial Aid office at (360) 992-2153 or visit the Financial Aid web site.