New Moodle Shell Request Policy - Faculty Only

Shell request process for face-to-face web-enhanced classes

Clark College’s LMS, Moodle joule, is managed differently than our previous Blackboard system. With Moodle we have two servers: a faculty development server and a production server. The Faculty Development Server is a place where future course content can be developed and shells used for training exists. The Production Server is the location of active courses which contain currently registered students. Shells on the Production Server are dependent upon courses available for student registration and are generated for each new quarter.

Due to the increased complexity of the technology and the fact that both instruction and the student experience suffers if instructors do not have core competencies for LMS enhanced courses, the eLearning Committee has established a faculty training requirement. Prior to receiving a Moodle course shell faculty must complete one of the training options listed below:

  1. Attend a hands-on Moodle training workshop. Click here to view available days & times
  2. Receive one-on-one training from Kathy Chatfield or a member of the eLearning Instructional Design team.
  3. Meet with a member of the eLearning Instructional Design team to demonstrate and/or describe prior teaching experience with Moodle and receive an orientation on Clark College Moodle specifics. This meeting could take place in the eLearning office, over the phone, or online.

Once a faculty member has met the training requirements their information will be entered into the database with all other Moodle trained faculty and it will be possible to provide Production Server course shells for all courses they are assigned to teach each quarter.  This shell creation process will happen automatically the way it currently does for all online and hybrid courses. 

Faculty can use the shell request form to request Faculty Development shells at any time for any course they are currently teaching or plan to teach in the future.  The shell request form can also be used for special requests on the Production Server such as organizational shells, and merged shells. 

To allow adequate time for eLearning to link the course to the individual instructor and to ensure that students are loaded into the correct shell special shell requests must be submitted no later than the Wednesday before classes begin.

Production server shell request deadline:

Winter 2013 – January 2, 2013

*Production server shell requests can be made as soon as an item number and section code is assigned. These shells will not be accessible until two to three weeks prior to the term. See the Faculty Moodle Planner for specific dates.

If you have questions about this policy please email Cynthia Foreman, Associate Director of eLearning.


Moodle Shell Request Form