Quality Matters Recognized Courses at Clark College

QM 2013


Course Name Course Number Faculty Developer Recognized Date
Bioethics BIOL180 Amy Dolan 2013-08-01
English Composition II ENGL&102 Tobias Peterson 2013-07-03
English Composition I ENGL&101 Patty Wilde 2013-06-20
English Composition II ENGL&102 Cheryl Ronish 2013-06-14
Lifespan Psychology PSYC&200 Kathy Bobula 2013-06-14
English Composition II ENGL&102-DL Erin Stevanus 2013-05-20
English Composition II ENGL&102-HY Erin Stevanus 2013-05-20
Integrated Environmental Science ENVS109 Rebecca Martin 2013-05-16
English Composition II ENGL&102 Gerard Smith 2013-05-09
English Composition II ENGL&102 William S. Durden 2013-03-22
Pharmacy Law PHAR 123 Heidi Fay 2013-03-21
English Composition II ENGL&102 Melissa Favara 2013-03-21
English Composition I ENGL&101 Kendra Birnley 2013-03-18


QM 2012


Course Name Course Number Faculty Developer Recognized Date
English Composition I ENGL& 101 Lynne Nolan 2012-09-11
Introduction to Literature ENGL 130 Lynne Nolan 2012-07-25
Introduction to Health Care Quality HI 202 Bonita Altus 2012-07-24
Introduction to US Health Care System HI 201 Bonita Altus 2012-07-23
Computer Applications Essentials BTEC 149 Kathy Chatfield 2012-07-16
Interpersonal Communication CMST& 210 Amy Bratton 2012-07-08
Spanish I SPAN& 121 Erika Nava 2012-06-13
Principles of Accounting III ACCT& 203 Julie Lemmond 2012-05-23
Principles of Accounting II ACCT&202 Julie Lemmond 2012-05-22
Principles of Accounting I ACCT& 201 Julie Lemmond 2012-02-27


QM 2011


Course Name Course Number Faculty Developer Recognized Date
United States History III HIST148 Loni Bramson 2011-09-01
Assertiveness HDEV 155 Tani McBeth 2011-08-18
Project Management MGMT126 Kathy Chatfield 2011-07-01
Spanish III SPAN 123 Erika Nava 2011-06-28
English Composition II ENGL102 Elizabeth Donley 2011-06-03
Medical Terminology I BMED 110 Ericha Clare 2011-05-24
Medical Terminology II BMED 111 Ericha Clare 2011-05-24
Basic Concepts of Anatomy and Physicology & Lab HEOC100/101 Ericha Clare 2011-04-24


QM 2009


Course Name Course Number Faculty Developer Recognized Date
Women Around the World WS201 Ann Snyder 2009-09-11
Math in Society MATH107 Jennifer Farney 2009-06-24