Canvas at Clark College

Clark College is Transitioning to Canvas

Starting Summer 2013, Clark College eLearning is beginning the transition to our new learning management system, Canvas.


Summer 2013
Transition begins. Limited group of pilot classes will be offered in Canvas

Fall 2013
Many eLearning classes will be offered in Canvas. Most web-enhanced classes will still be using Moodle

Winter 2014
Transition complete. All classes will be using Canvas and Moodle will no longer be in use.


Classes using Canvas in Fall 2013

This Fall many of our eLearning classes will be using Canvas however unless you've been contacted by your instructor to do otherwise, we ask that you still log into Moodle on the first day of the term. If your class is in Canvas the Moodle shell should have a redirect link to your Canvas class. If on the first day of the term it is still unclear, contact your instructor.  

eLearning Orientation for Canvas users

We have a fully online eLearning orientation available with detailed information regarding using Canvas. We strongly recommend you complete this orientation if you are using Canvas for the first time.