Strategic Plan Task Force

Taskforce 2 convened in February and immediately began to identify the major themes that emerged from the college-wide small discussion groups. Taskforce 2 identified four major themes: Learning Strategies, Retention and Completion, Partnerships and Community, and Diversity which also includes Sustainability. Taskforce 2 then divided into four groups - one for each major theme.

The charge for each group is to produce an assessment of current and best practices for each theme by the end of April. All members of Taskforce 2 will convene one more time when the assessments are complete to synthesize the findings. A compilation of each group assessment and a summary will comprise the environmental scan.

When Taskforce 3 convenes in May, they will use the environmental scan to develop the vision, mission, and core themes.

Task Force Members

Shanda Diehl
Eben Ayers
Andrew Barsotti
Barbara Benge
Edie Blakely
Sirius Bonner
Dena Brill
Tim Carper
Frankie Cordova
Becky Dillmon
William Durden
Lyn-Mara Eggleston
Ann Fillmore
Wende Fisher
Miles Jackson
Travis Kibota
Rebecca Kleiva
Ray Korpi
Deanna Lacey
Malcolm McCay
Deanne Millard
Debra Ortiz
Anna Peros
Rachael Redjou
Gabrielle Roscher
Shirley Schwartz
Jenny Shadley
Vanessa Watkins
Melissa Williams
Tiffany Williams