Should we be meeting with our small groups right now?

Yes; each small group should be reading and discussing the articles about student learning, sent out by President Knight.  At your meetings you should

Is it okay that only a few people from my group are showing up?

It is sometimes difficult to schedule a meeting time that everyone can attend, but, please do what you can to accommodate as many people as possible.  If the meeting time still doesn’t work out for you individually, please be sure to send your feedback to a member of your group prior to the meeting so that your feedback can be used in the small group discussion and be brought forward in the college-wide discussions.

What if multiple people from my group want to attend to the college-wide discussions?

All are welcome and encouraged to attend!  At each meeting there has been great conversations and they would be even richer with more members of the college community.  If appropriate, please receive permission from your supervisor prior to attending.

What is the best way to submit my group responses?

Email the document to Cindy Heck at check@clark.edu.  If it is hand-written, please bring it to one of the college-wide meetings and give it to Cindy or Shanda Diehl.

What are we talking about when we are talking about student learning?

For the purposes of this strategic planning process, we consider student learning as the knowledge, skills, and connections gained at Clark College.  Please watch the very short student learning video again (http://youtu.be/MAgevXIYrC0).   I think it is a great introduction to how we are all connected to student learning and what we are trying to do right now to develop this next strategic plan. 

Are we going to develop the 2015-2020 strategic plan based only on employee feedback?

No!  Before we collect the data and information to develop the strategic plan, we need first to develop a shared vision.  This shared vision of student learning and our future will be the foundation for all of the information we gather, analyze, and use to develop the 2015-2020 strategic plan.  Taskforce 2 will be convened by the end of February to produce an environmental scan of educational, industry, technology, social, and other trends and projections and how those will impact student learning at Clark College in the near future.  Taskforce 2 will conclude their work by the middle of spring quarter and submit it to Taskforce 3 to draft the vision, mission, core themes, and values for the 2015-2020 strategic plan.  (If you would like to serve on either of these taskforces, please let me know.)  I attached a handout to explain the process further.

Is this next strategic plan going to be something that can help us prioritize initiatives and resources?

Yes!  The 2015-2020 strategic plan will be a set of strategies to achieve a collective set of purposes and will have the following characteristics:

What is being done with the results of our small group and college-wide discussions?

Currently, the Planning and Accreditation Committee has been working to identify the themes that emerged from Opening Day’s student learning conversations.  Once finalized, these themes will be made available to all.  The committee will begin work to identify the themes from the Access to Learn discussions in November and Environment to Learn in December and January.  The themes (and detail of our discussions) will be given to Taskforce 2 to direct their work in collecting and analyzing data and information regarding the major themes that come out of this vision process.