HDEV 186 (Stress Management) Syllabus and Outline

Carole Mackewich, M.EdPsy.
Stress Management (HDEV 186)
Fall Quarter 2004
Office: Gaiser Hall, Room 204 E
Phone: 992-2446 (Clark) 253-9426 (Home-Before 8:00 PM)

Campus-Wide Abilities:

The Clark faculty has identified six campus-wide abilities that should form the foundation of your educational emphasis: Critical thinking and problem solving, Information Technology, Communication, Life-Long Learning, Effective Citizenship, and Global and Multi-Cultural Awareness.

This course will focus on the campus-wide abilities of Critical Thinking, Communication, and Life-Long Learning.

Course Objectives:

This course is designed to empower students to take an active role in their own stress management and prevention. The skills and positive mental attitude developed in this course will equip students with valuable tools that can be utilized in all facets of their lives.

By the end of this quarter, you should be able to:
1.      Understand the biological and psychological symptoms of stress.
2.      Explore the effects of stress and stress related behaviors in your own life.
3.      Experiment with various techniques for coping with stress.
4.      Develop a personal plan for improving your own stress management.

(Recommended) Minding the Body, Mending the Mind, by Joan Borysenko

Additional Recommendation: Small (travel) pillow and mat or oversized towel. Our classroom is carpeted, but you may prefer to have something between you and the carpet.

Small, square travel pillows are available at Fred Meyer for around $5.00.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothes to each class session!

Course Grading:

Letter grades are not assigned for this class. Students will be granted an “S” (Satisfactory) or “U” (Unsatisfactory). In order to receive a grade of “S’ in this class, students must complete all of the course requirements.

Course Requirements:

Attendance: This course is highly experiential, and your participation is required! Students are expected to attend all sessions. If a student has more than two unexcused absences, they will receive a grade of “U” (Unsatisfactory).

Participation: Each session will be a mixture of a short lecture, video, cd or tape presentation, and an individual or group activity to practice stress reduction. Your participation is expected and valued.

Classroom Etiquette:
To make our class a comfortable and pleasant place for all of us to “de-stress,” appropriate classroom etiquette is expected.
1.      Please do not be late for class or leave early. This disrupts those around you, and    causes you to miss important information.
2.      Please refrain from side-conversations.  3.      Please turn off your cell phones.
4.      Please be respectful of your colleagues and your instructor.
5.      Please notify the instructor when you have questions or concerns about anything related to this class.

Stress Journal:

Students are required to turn in appropriate Stress Journal entries each week.  Please find the due dates for each entry in your course outline.

Final Project:  

Students will complete a book report on Stress Management or any topic related to Stress Management. Book reports are due no later than the last day of class. At this time students will present a 5 minute oral summary of their chosen book and also turn in a typed book report.

Your book report should include a summary of the topics covered, and examples of specific strategies or techniques suggested by the author to cope with stress. It should also include your own response to the information presented and what you found to be most/least useful, and why.

Book reports should be 2 – 3 pages in length, using double spacing and a .12 font. Be sure to include the full title of your chosen book and the author.

Late projects will not be accepted without prior approval from the instructor.

HDEV 186 - Course Outline

Course Outline: Stress Management, HDEV 186
Instructor: Carole Mackewich, M.EdPsy.
Office: Gaiser Hall, Room 204 E
Office Hours: To Be Announced
Phone: 992-2446
Email: cmackewich@clark.edu or mackewich@comcast.net

Week 1 (September 23)
Course Requirements
Student and Instructor Expectations

Week 2 (September 30)
Defining Stress
Explanation of Journal Assignment
Video: Psychobiology of Stress
      Homework: Journal Entry #1: Top Ten Stressors

Week 3 (October 7)
Coping Skill: Have Another Hit (of Oxygen!)
Breathing Techniques for Stress Relief
      Homework: Journal Entry #2: Healthy Pleasures
      Due: Journal Entry #1

Week 4 (October 14)
Sources of Stress
Assessing your Level of Stress
Coping Skill: Autogenic Training and Utilizing Stress Dots
      Homework: Journal Entry #3: How Was Your Day Today?
      Due: Journal Entry #2

Week 5 (October 21)
Coping Skill: The Power of Positive Affirmations
Using Scent to Provide Stress Relief (Aroma Therapy)
      Homework: Journal Entry #4: Confrontation of a Stressor
      Due: Journal Entry #3

Week 6 (October 28)
Coping Skill: Managing Your Time to Relieve Stress
Video: Keeping your Cool
Goal Setting Activity
      Homework: Journal Entry #5: Emotional Well-Being
      Due: Journal Entry #4

Week 7 (November 4)
Coping Skill: Take a Deep Breath and Relax
Progressive Relaxation
      Homework: Journal Entry #6: Behaviors I’d Like to Change
      Due: Journal Entry #5

Veteran’s Day Holiday: Class Will Not Meet on Thursday, November 11!

Week 8 (November 18)
Coping Skill: Laughter is the Best Medicine
Today we’ll laugh the hour away. Bring your favorite, funny movie or TV clip or a funny joke or story to share. The person whose entry gets the most laughs gets a prize! Please limit your entry to no more than 5 minutes per person.
Progressive Relaxation
Homework: Journal Entry #7: Body Rhythms and Journal Entry #8: Putting it All Together.
      Due: Journal Entry #6

Thanksgiving Holiday: Class Will Not Meet on Thursday, November 25!

Week 9 (December 2)
Last Class Session and Celebration
Note: This class will be held in the Scarpelli Hall Conference Room!
Bring your favorite food to share (I’ll bring bagels and cream cheese). Let’s relax together with good food and friendship.

Homework: Journal Entry #8: Putting it All Together (Creating a Stress Management Plan that Works!)
      Due: Journal Entries 7 and 8.
      Book Report

Have a Wonderful Winter Holiday!



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