HDEV 116 Course Syllabus

HDEV 116 (2 credits) College Success Course Syllabus
Instructor: Carole Mackewich, M.EdPsy.
Office: GHL 204 E (Upstairs, over the bookstore)
Phone: 992-2446
Email: cmackewich@clark.edu
Tuesdays, 1:10 - 2:50 PM

Campus-Wide Abilities:

The Clark College faculty has determined six areas of ability that we believe all students will find necessary for success beyond their formal education. The identified campus abilities are: Communication, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Effective Citizenship, Global/Multicultural Perspectives, Information Technology, and Life-Long Learning. This course specifically addresses the college-wide abilities of Life-Long Learning and Critical Thinking/Problem Solving.

Course Objectives:

This course is designed to empower students to take active participation in their own educational pursuits at Clark College. The academic skills and positive mental attitude developed in this course will equip you with valuable tools for a successful academic career and for successful living. By the end of the course, you will:

1.     Gain knowledge about the resources and activities available at Clark College. (Life–Long Learning, Critical Thinking)

2.      Become an active participant in the academic setting by accepting personal responsibility for learning, time management and goal setting. (Life-Long Learning)

3.      Develop effective study skills including note taking, reading, test taking and library research. (Life-Long Learning, Critical Thinking)

4.      Enhance skills necessary to achieve healthy relationships on and off campus. (Life-Long Learning)

5.      Recognize that application of the concepts in this course will create a positive impact in all areas of your life. (Life-Long Learning, Critical Thinking)

Required Text:

Becoming a Master Student, Tenth Edition, Concise, by David Ellis (Available in the Clark Bookstore).


Note: All assignments are due on or before the due date included on your course outline. Assignments turned in late will automatically lose 10 points (or 10% of the highest possible grade) per class session late. If you know ahead of time that you will have difficulty meeting the due date for an assignment, you should notify me as soon as possible.

Oops Card:

This card allows you to turn in one assignment, no more than one week late, and not suffer a loss of points. Each student will be given one card at the beginning of the quarter. The Oops Card must be turned in on the date your assignment was due in order to qualify. Cards that are lost will not be replaced. Cards may not be used on the Final Exam.

Chapter Quizzes:

You are required to read the assigned chapter for the week and then complete, tear out, and submit the Chapter Quiz and related Learning Styles Exercises. Each quiz is worth up to 100 points.

"Pop" Quizzes:

Students should be prepared for occasional in-class quizzes. These will be given at the beginning of any given class session. Quiz content will cover the assigned reading for the week and the previous class session. Quizzes cannot be made-up. Students who do not attend class on a quiz day, or arrive after the quiz is distributed will earn a grade of “0.” Students who take the quiz and perform poorly on it may correct their responses and raise their grade as long as the corrected quiz is turned in no later than the following class session.

Time Monitor Report:

Students will track their use of time for one full week, using the Time Monitor/Time Plan form found in Chapter 2 of the text. In addition to tracking your time, you will submit a one page reaction paper discussing what you’ve learned about your time use from this exercise. The due date for this assignment can be found in your course outline. Additional instructions for completion will be given in class.

The Time Monitor/Time Plan is worth up to 200 points.

Oral Presentation:

Each student will be required to present a 5-7 minute oral presentation to the class regarding one student service area on campus. You will be assigned the area to report on and your team member during Week 2. You may organize the information you present in any way that you choose. The only requirement is that you work with your partner and include the following:

1.      Summary of the services offered by the resource
2.      Location, phone number and key personnel and their role/s
3.      Hours the service is open
4.     Why a student might make use of this particular resource
5.      Any helpful literature you can collect from the resource
6.      Creativity (including the use of visual aids, etc.)

Each team is responsible for creating a handout (1 page) that includes useful information about the resource for each class member (including myself). Your handout should include important information about the service offered, and should also be eye-catching and creative.

Students will complete and submit a self and partner evaluation as part of the presentation.

The Oral Presentation is worth up to 200 points.

Library Assignment:

Students will participate in a Library Orientation, and will complete and submit a library assignment. Instructions for this assignment will be given in class.

The Library Assignment is worth up to 100 points.

Note Taking Assignment:

After the lecture and discussion related to taking notes, you will submit sample notes from another class or a chapter in your textbook using both the Cornell and Mind-Mapping methods of note taking.

The Note Taking assignment is worth up to 200 points.


There will be additional exercises and/or assignments due throughout the quarter. You are responsible for turning in all assignments completely and on time.

Final Exam:

The date for your final exam can be found in your course outline.

The Final Exam is worth up to 200 points. (Plus any extra points earned during the quarter).

Extra Credit Opportunities for Master Students:
Note: Extra credit assignments must be received before Week 10 in order to be accepted for credit.

Campus Event Assignment:

Attend a campus event and write a two-page reaction paper describing the event and your experience of it. Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, and include a title page. Please describe what the event was, why you chose it, where and when it took place, what happened, and how this event is of value to you as a student.  
Events can be found in the quarterly calendar, The Independent (school newspaper), reader board in Gaiser Hall, or by inquiry at the Student Activities Office.

The Campus Event Assignment is worth up to 50 points.

Additional Chapter Quizzes:

You may read any of the chapters we will not be covering this quarter and turn in the completed quizzes and Learning Style Applications Exercises at the end of each chapter.

Each completed quiz is worth up to 100 points. Students who have not turned in the required Chapter quizzes may not earn points for unassigned chapters. Additional Chapter Quizzes will only be accepted though the 9th week of the quarter.

Master Student Attendance Award:

Attend and be on time to all 10 class sessions, and you will receive a 20 point bonus on your final exam! To win this award all assignments must have been turned in, and student participation in class should be appropriate and consistent.

This course is designed to prepare you to become a “Master Student.” Given that goal, it is essential that the following classroom policies be respected.

Regular attendance is required in order to receive a passing grade in this class. Students must contact the instructor when they are going to be absent. One “excused” absence is permitted. Additional (unexcused) absences may result in a failing grade in this class. Every two unexcused absences will lower your grade by one letter. (I.E., from an A to a B, a B to a C, etc.) Being absent on the day you are scheduled to present your oral presentation with your partner will result in an automatic lowering of your grade.

When you arrive late for class or leave early, you disrupt your classmates and the instructor and miss important information. In addition, all quizzes will be given at the beginning or end of class. Not being present for a quiz will result in a “O” grade for that quiz. Students are expected to be on time for all classes. Tardiness may result in lowering your grade. Please contact the instructor if you will be late or need to leave early for any class session.

Side Conversations:
Every time you speak to someone when either the instructor or a colleague is talking, you are missing important information (and being rude). Please do not engage in this behavior in class. There will be plenty of opportunity for group discussions.

Cell Phones:
Turn them off while in class!

Grading Policy:

Your grade is determined by the number of points accrued during the quarter. These points are posted with the assignment. When students are bordering between grades, participation, attendance, quiz scores, etc. will be considered in making the final grading assignment.

Total Possible Points: 1500      
1500 = 100%
1350 = 90%
1200 = 80%
1050 = 70%
900 = 60%


HDEV 116
College Success Outline
Instructor: Carole Mackewich, M.Ed.
Office: GHL 204 E (Upstairs, above the Bookstore)
Phone: 992-2446 (Home) 253-9426
Email: cmackewich@clark.edu Home: mackewich@comcast.net

Tuesday, September 21      
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” (Aristotle)

Review of Syllabus, Classroom Policies and Assignments
Characteristics of Successful Students
Student/Instructor Agreements
Power Process #1: Ideas are Tools.

Homework:  Read Introduction and Chapter 1
            Complete Discovery Wheel Exercise (Including Journal Entries 5 and 6)
Complete the Chapter 1 Quiz Including the Learning Styles Application Exercise (All four stages) on page 36.
            Do not complete the Learning Style Inventory!

Tuesday, September 28
“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I’ll remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.” (Confucious)

Review and Preview
Video: Learning Styles
Lecture/Activities/Discussion: Discovering Your Learning Style
Explanation of Time Monitor/Time Plan Assignment

Due:  Chapter 1 Quiz and Learning Styles Application
            Discovery Wheel Exercise and Journal Entries 5 and 6.

Homework:      Read Chapter 2 and Complete Chapter 2 Quiz and Related Learning Styles Application Exercise on Page 68.
            Begin Time Monitor

Tuesday, October 5
“There is nothing so wasteful as doing with great efficiency that which doesn’t have to be done at all.”

Review and Preview
Video: Be Here Now
Lecture/Activities/Discussion: Time Management
Assignment of Student Services Area for Oral Presentation.

Due:            Chapter 2 Quiz and Learning Styles Application.

Homework:      Read Chapter 3 and Complete the Chapter 3 Quiz and Related Learning Styles Application Exercise on Page 86.

Tuesday, October 12
“If I could remember your name, I’d ask you where I left my keys!”

Review and Preview
Video: Memory
Lecture, Activities and Discussion: Enhancing Your Memory

Due: Chapter 3 Quiz with Learning Styles Application Exercise.

Tuesday, October 19
“Look and you will find it – What is unsought will go undetected.” (Sophocles)
Library Orientation: Please meet in the Library Classroom (Room 103) at 1:10 sharp!

Homework:  Read Chapter 4 and Complete the Chapter 4 Quiz and the Related Learning Styles Application Exercise.

Due: Library Assignment

Tuesday, October 26
“Readers are plentiful; thinkers are rare.”
Review and Preview
Lecture, Activities and Discussion: Reading for College Success

Due:        Completed Time Monitor
            Chapter 4 Quiz and Learning Styles Application Exercise
            Oral Presentations
Homework:      Read Chapter 5 and Complete Chapter 5 Quiz and Related Learning Styles Exercises

Tuesday, November 2
“Mapping? Are we going somewhere?”
Review and Preview
Mid-Term Review: Who Wants to Win Extra Exam Points?!
Video: I Create it All
Lecture, Activities and Discussion: Note Taking for college Success

Due:            Chapter 5 Quiz and Related Learning Styles Exercise
               Oral Presentations

Homework:      Read Chapter 6 and Complete the Chapter 6 Quiz and Related Learning Styles Application Exercise.
Prepare notes from a class other than College Success, using both the Cornell and Mind Mapping methods of note taking.

Tuesday, November 9
"I project myself into the situation that I’m going to be in later so that I’m prepared. Then nothing surprises me because I’ve been there before in my mind. That’s the only way to handle pressure.” (George Foster, Cincinnati Reds)

Review and Preview
Note Taking, Continued
Video: Test Taking Techniques
Lecture, Activities and Discussion: Test Taking for College Success

Due:            Chapter 6 Quiz and Related Learning Styles Application Exercise              Oral Presentations

Tuesday, November 16
“If you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up where you are headed.” (Rod Gilbert, Sports Psychologist)
Review and Preview
Test Taking, Continued
Lecture, Activities and Discussion: Everything you ever wanted to know about Clark, but were afraid to ask.

Due:        Sample Notes
            Oral Presentations      

Tuesday, November 23
“Success is a journey, not a destination.”

Final Class Session
Everything You Every Wanted to Know about Clark, Continued.
Review of Final Exam

Due:            Oral Presentations

Tuesday, November 23

Final Exam Due! Bring your final exam to my office (Gaiser Hall, 204 E) before 12:00 PM. Final exams will not be accepted late without prior permission (and an appropriate reason!). Points will be deducted from exams received late.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderful winter holiday!

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