HDEV 100 Course Syllabus

Career Exploration (Fall Quarter, 2004)
Instructor: Carole Mackewich, M.EdPsy.
HDEV 100 (3 Credits)      
Office: Gaiser Hall, Room 204 E (Above the bookstore)
Phone: 992-2446
Email: cmackewich@clark.edu

College-Wide Abilities:
The Clark College faculty has determined six areas of ability that we believe all students will find necessary for their success beyond their formal education. The identified campus abilities are: Communication, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Effective Citizenship, Global/Multicultural Perspectives, Information/Technology, and Life-Long Learning.

This course specifically addresses the college-wide abilities of Life-Long Learning and Critical Thinking.

Course Objectives:
This course is designed to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your needs as they relate to work, education and leisure. When completed you should be able to:

1.      Identify your values, interests, personality style and skills, and related these to personally appropriate choices in work, education and leisure activities. (Life-Long Learning)

2.      Utilize the occupational information available in the Clark Career Center in order to make informed educational and career decisions. (Critical Thinking, Life-Long Learning)

3.      Identify any self-defeating behavior or barriers that may prevent you from progressing in your career development. (Life-Long Learning)

4.      Draw enough conclusions to develop a career plan to reach your goals for personal and professional development. (Critical Thinking, Life-Long Learning)

Course Requirements:

This class is taken for credit (S) or no credit (U). In order to receive credit, the following minimum requirements must be met. (Students may elect to take this class for a grade. Please contact the instructor for information related to this option.)

1.      Class Attendance is required! If you have more than two unexcused absences, you may not receive credit for this course unless arrangements have been made with the instructor. Please contact the instructor if you anticipate an absence.

2.      Text: Taking Charge of Your Career Direction, (Fifth Edition), Robert Lock.  The text is required and currently in stock in the bookstore. The cost is approximately $47.00. Students are expected to stay current in the assigned text assignments.

3.      Complete all assignments and inventories handed out in class.

4.      Schedule and attend an individual conference with the instructor. One such meeting is required, but students are encouraged to schedule individual appointments as needed.

5.      Complete and submit the Career Research Assignment. Please see the due date in your course outline.

6.      Complete and submit the Career Action Plan. Please see the due date in your course outline.

7.       Complete (and pass) the take-home final exam. Information regarding the final will be discussed in class. Please see the due date in your course outline.

Classroom Etiquette:
We have much to do in a short period of time. In order to ensure that all students have a positive experience this quarter, there are a few “classroom rules” that I expect all of us to adhere to:

1.      Cell Phones: Turn them off!

2.      Side Conversations: Each time you speak to someone when your instructor or another student is talking to the class, you miss what is being said and disrupt those around you. Please refrain from doing this.
3.      Tardiness: I promise I will get to each class early. I ask that that each of you arrive on time. If you have another commitment that will not allow you to get to class on time, I encourage you to consider taking this class at a time when your schedule allows your full participation.

I also promise that I will let you out of class on time! This class begins at 11:30 and will end promptly at 12:50. Given that, I ask that you not leave or begin to “wrap-up” before then. Often, important information related to the next class or another topic is shared at the end of a session. If you are busy getting ready to leave you will miss important information and distract your neighbors.

4.      If you are unhappy about anything related to our class, I expect you will meet with me and let me know. I arrive early for class and have time after class to speak with you. In addition, I have office hours and am available by phone or email. I truly want each of you to get what you are looking for out of this class and I care about your progress. Unless you let me know something is wrong or that you are unhappy for some reason, there is no way that I can work with you to rectify the problem. I cannot read minds!

*Any students with a disability requiring any auxiliary aids, services, or other accommodations should contact the Disability Support Services Office at: 992-2580 or 992-2835 (TTY), or stop by Gaiser Hall, Room 141.

Course Outline
Career Exploration (HDEV 100)
Monday and Wednesday, September 20 – November 29, 2004
11:30 AM – 12:50 PM

Instructor: Carole Mackewich, M.EdPsy.
Phone: 992-2446 (Clark) 253-9426 (Home)
Email: cmackewich@clark.edu or mackewich@comcast.net
Office: GHL Room 204 E
Office Hour for HDEV 100: Mondays and Wednesdays, 10:00 – 11:00 AM

Monday, September 20
Introductions and Expectations
Review of Course Syllabus and Outline
      Homework: Complete the Self-Inventory
      Read Chapter 1. Complete the Chapter 1 Quiz

Wednesday, September 22
Student and Instructor Expectations Revisited
Administration of the Strong Interest Inventory
      Homework: Read Chapter 2 and Complete the Chapter 2 Quiz.
      Due: Self Inventory and Chapter 1 Quiz.

Monday, September 27
Careers of the Future
Video: Green Cows, Quaggas and Mummies
      Due: Chapter 2 Quiz.

Wednesday, September 29
Careers of the Future, Continued
Administration of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
      Homework:   Read Chapter 4 and Complete the Chapter 4 Quiz.

Monday, October 4
Complete and Score the Career Occupational Preference System (COPS)
Contest for a Free Lunch!
      Homework: Chapter 3, Pages 98-99
Complete the COPS Feedback Form
      Due: Chapter 4 Quiz

Wednesday, October 6
Career Center Orientation (Please Meet in Class)
Introduction to the Career Research Assignment
      Homework: Chapter 3, Pages 99-111.
      Due: COPS Feedback Form

Monday, October 11
Strong Interest Inventory Interpretation
      Homework: Chapter 3, Pages 74-89.
      Complete the “Strong Quiz” #1

Wednesday, October 13
Strong Interest Inventory, Continued
      Homework: “Strong Quiz” #2
      Due: Strong Quiz # 1

Monday, October 18
Career Center Research (Please Meet in Class)
      Due: Strong Quiz #2

Wednesday, October 20
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Interpretation
      Homework: Chapter 3, Pages 89-96.
      Complete the Chapter 3 Quiz.
      Complete the MBTI Quiz #1.

Monday, October 25
MBTI Interpretation, Continued
Scheduling of Individual Conferences
      Homework: Letter to Yourself
      Due: MBTI Quiz #1

Wednesday, October 27
MBTI Wrap-Up
Career Center Research
      Due: Letter to Yourself
      Chapter 3 Quiz

Monday, November 1
Individual Conferences: Class Will Not Meet as a Group on this Day! Conferences are scheduled in my office (GHL 204 E). If you are not scheduled to meet with me today, please use this time to conduct informational interviews or work on your research assignment.

Wednesday, November 3
Skills Identification
      Homework: Chapter 6 and Complete the Chapter 6 Quiz

Monday, November 8
Skills Identification, Continued
Introduction to Micro-Skills
      Due: Chapter 6 Quiz

Wednesday, November 10
Values Clarification
Video: Just Get It!
      Homework: Read Chapter 7.  
Monday, November 15
Values Clarification, Continued
Wednesday, November 17
Abilities Assessment
      Homework: Read Chapter 8.        Due: Career Research Assignment

Monday, November 22
Internal/External Locus of Control
Constraint Analysis
      Due: Career Action Plan

Wednesday, November 24: Faculty Work Day. Class Will Not Meet. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday!

Monday, November 29
Final Class Session
Video: You Deserve!
Class Wrap-Up.
Note: Your final exam is due no later than Wednesday, December 1, before 12:00 PM. Late exams will not be accepted without prior permission from the instructor!

Have a Wonderful Winter Holiday !

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