Clark College Abilities

Clark College has identified six college-wide abilities that help students apply what they learn. The core abilities are taught across the curriculum and students continually practice and improve their skills in the six areas.

The abilities include:


The ability to understand and deliver written, spoken, and visual communications clearly and accurately.

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

The ability to formulate, evaluate, and synthesize facts, data, ideas, assumptions, values, and points of view.

Effective Citizenship

The ability to identify community issues; evaluate and respect various opinions and values; and articulate one’s own perspective.

Global/Multicultural Perspectives

The ability to identify, analyze, and demonstrate how culture shapes world perceptions, values, and behaviors.


The ability to identify resources; retrieve and manage data; interpret, evaluate, and use information; and adapt to changing technologies.

Life-long Learning

The ability to set and revise goals, access resources, and assume responsibility for one’s own learning.