A shining gift for a Diamond Jubilee: The Gaiser Student Center enhancement project

The newly enhanced Gaiser Student Center


Students, faculty and staff returned to fall quarter at Clark College to find the newly enhanced Gaiser Student Center, complete with a new look and lighting and sound upgrades as well as a new floor, carpeting, tables and chairs.

Newly enhanced Gaiser Student Center

A partnership between the college, the Associated Students of Clark College (ASCC) leadership and student body, and the Clark College Foundation provided the funding for the enhancement project as a gift for the college’s 75th anniversary. While the student center had been renovated in the past, the enhancements made with previous renovations were based on available funding – and did not necessarily address the demands on the room and upgrades in technology required to serve the needs of the college.

Clark College Chorale performs on the Gaiser Student Center stage

Considered the “living room” of Clark College, Gaiser Student Center hosts events for students, faculty and staff, alumni and members of the general public throughout the year.

Since the room reopened in September 2008, several major events have already been held – including the annual opening day of fall orientation for faculty and staff, a performance by the Gyung-gi Youth Traditional Music Orchestra from Dankook University in South Korea, and the 75th anniversary reception for the lighting of the Clark College Chime Tower. In addition, students make use of Gaiser Student Center on a daily basis, for studying, visiting with friends and as a place to eat.

Stage of the newly enhanced Gaiser Student CenterA team including Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Rachel Ruiz, Director of Plant Services Jim Green, ASCC President Pat Mehigan and former ASCC Vice President Andy Kartchner, Mark Owsley of Event Services, Lisa Gibert of the Clark College Foundation and Executive Director of Communications and Marketing Barbara Kerr worked with Jason Olson and Casey Wyckoff of LSW Architects to create a design that would not only provide visual enhancements to the room but also address weaknesses in terms of updated technology (lighting and sound) for events and presentations. Mike Moran was the Clark project manager, working in partnership with Pete Danforth and James Thomas of Team Construction.

A new plaque on a wall in the Gaiser Student Center commemorates the college-Foundation-ASCC partnership that made the enhancement project possible.