Every day is "Keep Clark Clean Day"

Show your Penguin Pride!  Help keep Clark clean and beautiful.

Two presidents do their part to
Two presidents do their part on "Keep Clark Clean Day" on April 19. Clark College President Bob Knight (left) and ASCC President Samson Ramirez (center) inspired students to pitch in.

When people visit Clark, they always comment on how beautiful it is. Our facilities services team does a great job, but we all need to show our Penguin pride.

ASCC President Samson Ramirez participates in
Whether cigarette butts or cans and bottles, there is a place for everything – and it’s not on the ground.  

We’re asking for your help in putting trash where it belongs – in the trash and recycling containers across the college.

We’ll do our part and, working together, every day will be Keep Clark Clean Day.

This initiative joins Clark's Healthy Penguin Nation, "green" (sustainability) programs, Earth Day programs, service learning and more.

Don't litter message

Want to learn more?  Want to help? Contact Bob Williamson, Vice President of Administrative Services, at or by phone at (360) 992-2464. 

Oswald is doing
his part. Join him.
Make Clark College

a litter-free zone!