Watch Us Transform

College Theme Contest: What Does Transformation Mean to Clark?

During fall quarter the college community participated in a college-wide activity to transform a sheet of origami paper into a reminder of the great things happening at Clark. Members of the college community were invited to continue the journey of transformation by working collaboratively with a team of their choosing to create a display that demonstrated their collective idea of what the college theme of Transformation means to them.

And the winner is...

Career Services! 

Thank you to all of the teams who submitted an entry. These beautiful displays are all wonderful representations of Transformation and will inform the College Theme Work Group's efforts moving forward. 



Similar to transitioning from darkness to lightness, night to day, when we transform, we evolve into our best selves.


Career Services

Clark College: Change starts here. Student, Professional, and Personal Transformations. In a sea of Penguins, what will your transformation be?

Career Services


Transformation is Creating pathways, Learning skills, Achieving goals, Realizing dreams, and Knowing how to become our best selves!



Communications & Marketing

Transformation is a collection of personal journeys that interweave and bring us together so we can soar as a flock.

Communications and Marketing

Economic & Community Development

Transformation happens at all ages and stages of LIFE. ECD is there whenever there’s an opportunity to learn and grow.

Economic and Community Development

e-Learning Student Support

Transformation is seeing student penguins for who they are, providing resources for their needs, and watching them fly to graduation.



iCommons Library at CTC

Transformation through knowledge and shared experiences, sustained by interconnected diversity that enriches lives.

iCommons Library at CTC

Learning Communities & College 101 

Penguins leave the island. Along the pathway, they enroll in COLL 101 and learning communities. By graduation, they are transformed!

Learning Communities and College 101

Cannell Library

Inspiring fledgling penguins and providing educational guidance that transforms lives at every step on the pathway toward success!



MyClark ctcLink Implementation Team

You need good directions to successfully make a transformation.
Even with the same directions, we don't all transform the same. 

ctcLink Implementation Team

Planning & Effectiveness

We transform as we learn lessons from the valleys of despair and become enlightened by great mountaintop experiences. 

Planning and Effectiveness

Teaching and Learning Center

Penguins can fly, but first they must break out of their shell.

Teaching and Learning Center


The Transformers (Transitional Studies)

Celebrate our uniqueness, join together in our shared diversity, and transform the world around us. This is Clark College.

The Transformers


Transformation = change. Our display depicts students’ transformation journey at Clark, their diversity of dreams and experience, and myriad ways Penguins can fly.



Contest Rules

How do I get started?

All teams will collaborate on a Transformation display that incorporates the origami penguins created by the team members during fall quarter. The display should be a visual representation of what “Transformation” means to your team.

Your contest submission will contain two parts:
1) a photo of the display featuring your origami penguins, AND
2) a very brief statement about the meaning of Transformation that the display is meant to convey (20-word limit). Please include the names of all team members.

Submissions should be emailed to Toccara Stark by Friday, February 17 at 4:00 p.m.

Why are we doing this?

The college theme is more than a tagline; it’s about developing a culture around an idea. Transformation is, in part, about the college changing to meet our mission to deliver the best for our students. For our students, transformation is about the development of their education, their career opportunities, and themselves.

This first year of the college theme is a year for all of us to reflect on the theme, to lend our voice to the formation of what the theme means at Clark, and to generate enthusiasm for the inclusion of the theme into our work.

The goals for the contest are to 1) engage the college in developing themes that will lead us to a common definition of Transformation at Clark; and 2) begin to integrate the college theme into our curriculum and services.

Disclaimers and Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have origami paper?

We can help! Please contact Jennifer Dean,  and we will have a sheet of origami paper delivered to you.

What if I don’t have the instructions for the folds?

All of the steps are available from the Origami Penguin webpage.

Who can be on a team?

Anyone at Clark College! Feel free to submit your own display or recruit other individuals from any area of the college.

Ultimately the sky’s limit… let your creativity shine through! If you have other questions, please contact Michelle Bagley.